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Cottesloe Beach – KoKo

KoKo at CottesloeA Summer’s Tale


KoKo ShakesPaw


I felt the sharpness 

Of scorched grass blades

And scratchy weeds,

Where there was no shade.


I baked in an oven

Or an east wind blast,

Craving to find some

Cool water at last.

Bright burning glare,

Sweaty poor sleep,

Dry, dusty mouth,

Poor burnt feet!


Mum, Cottesloe Beach,

Can’t we go there please?

With our bathers and towels

To enjoy the cool breeze?

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KoKo’s Animal Companion mates from December 2018 and 2016

As usual we shared a fun picnic with lots of food.

But, I , in my gourmet mode, refused the special dog sausage rolls. I prefered the ones Mum ate with real sausage meat!

More photos from previous year -see below