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Koko’s Coffee Capers

Koko Coffee

There are so many cafes in Subiaco that there are some new ones I haven’t visited yet.

When mum says “Let’s get a coffee”, I smile broadly and cannot resist jumping up whiles my tail waves excitedly. Mum always lets me have a little taste of her coffee froth from her fingers. Sometimes she actually buys me a real Puppicino in a paper cup. Sue at the Chocolate shop in Shenton Park makes the ultimate Puppicino – she brings me out a saucer of milk all for myself!

I am not allowed to drink from the real coffee cups. I am a dog. People think I have germs!

Another favourite café is BrewHa behind the post office. Every time we walk past, I grab a cool drink of their fresh water, rush under the tables in case anyone has dropped a piece of muffin, catch a few pats from the cyclists and kids then lie down on the pavement and look up at Mum pleadingly. I am a bit demanding (as you may have noticed). She can see that I want to stay for a coffee. We often go around to Spring in Bagot Rd instead where mum loves the coffee but they don’t have a water bowl. Someone kept stealing it.

There are now so many coffee shops that I cannot list them all. It is a very stop start walk when we stroll around Subi as I stop every time I smell coffee or see any of my mates resting under chairs!

One day when I was at Wembley Vet in Bishop Street having my hair cut, I discovered The Bishop and Clove cafe. They make delicious cakes and savoury food. How do I know? Well, I cleverly conned a customer into giving me a little treat so that she could see me dancing. She thought it was so clever she kept feeding me more. Yum! That was good tucker.

Shenton Park also homes some cafes so we drop in after our Cliff Sadlier Park walks. When Mum has parked, I politely say “Woof, woof, woof, woof?” she knows I am asking, ”  Cafes are good places to meet new friends and to find kids to pat me.

If I have been a very good dog, by being quiet when I am told to, my mum lets me have a bit of muffin with my Puppicino. I am very lucky to have chosen such a good mum.

My scoring of a cafe suitable for dogs starts with:

  1. Do they have a bowl of fresh water for me and my mates?
  2. Do they have a comfy outdoor chair for Mum and me to sit on?
  3. Is there a layer of slightly coffee flavoured foam on the flat white?
  4.  Have they provided shade and wind protection for us in summer and winter.
  5. Do they welcome me?


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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