“Puppicinos to Go”

Puppiccino April 1st 2010 for POST

On April 1st last year Mum and I decided to trick all our neighbours. We pretended that a new Dog Cafe had opened in Park Street. We called it Koko’s Café “Puppicinos to Go”.

Then, of course, we needed some publicity to get our first customers in. We thought about who we could use as a subject who was eye-catchingly attractive, cute and inexpensive to hire for the photo shoot. It was obvious who should be the subject.

Next we needed a good product. We bought some lovely Devondale creamy milk from the Station Street Markets. Mum frothed it up and topped it with finely crumbled dog treats. The first Subiaco Puppicino was ready for tasting.

The choice of where to put the ad was easy as “The Post Community Newspaper” is the best one in the world! Lots of people read it.

Here is the article we put together. I think Mum did a good job of the photo, but let’s face it, she did have a pretty good subject to shoot! From then on I have been known as Subiaco’s Puppicino King.

You will often spot me sipping my coffee at a local café. Lots of people think it is very funny. I love my Puppicinos!

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