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Keep Handsome

Koko BathTryptic copy

In the hot months of summer our daily routine is: Go for a walk, run, chase the ball, play with friends, swim at the beach, bath, dry, cuddle…. WHOOPS! Did I hear that word BATH??? Bye, I am out of here …! I don’t like being wet.

You can see from the photos that this time I did not get away. It is not all bad news though. After the bath there is the lovely towel rub massage. Then I am clean and fluffy again.

Every few months I need a professional haircut session and toe nail trim at the Wembley Vet Clinic. I shake in fear when I arrive as I remember that big bath and noisy hairdryer. Afterwards though when mum comes back to collect me I feel fresh and handsome again.

You may have noticed that sometimes I am white and other times I have apricot streaks. I have expensive tastes. It costs mum quite a lot to have Faye the Subiaco hairdresser put the streaks of colour into my white coat. I also need to visit Belinda at Bella Hart Beauty Shop in Rokeby Road if I have a special occasion to attend. Belinda paints my nails. You may think I am of vain and frivolous but I have a kind heart and gentle ways.


Ha! Ha! I tricked you! I am a boy dog. I don’t wear makeup. I only wear my blue collar and my blue hoody if it is frosty in winter. My hair just changes colour naturally in winter and spring.

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KoKo – My Home


My Home

My mum and I live in Townshend Road close to Subiaco Oval, the shops, the park and cafes. It is such a charming home! A fine, little house, with pictures, flooding sunshine and a spacious garden to run in. One sunrise we even had a rainbow pour over it.

We walk around Subiaco in the quiet of early morning and as the sun sets at the end of the day. We say “Hi” to lots of dogs and their families. Everyone knows me. I am a celebrity Subiaco dog.

My very best toys are my ducky, my big bear and my rabbit. My other favourite toys are my ball, my toy snake, Snoopy and my monster (they will all feature later in my tale). Mum buys me toys from the Save the Children Opportunity Shop in Hay Street as she likes to support local charities.

A dog’s home is his kennel. A place where he or she can feel safe and protected. If you visit my home I would like you to obey my rules:

KoKo’s House Rules

1.    I am the boss of this house so I am allowed to jump into your lap.

2.    You must put up with me staring up at you when you are eating.

3.    Please be careful you do not trip on my toys. They may not look like much to you but they are precious to me.

4.    Mum considers I am a personal gift from God so please treat me as such. (If you write the word dog on a piece of paper then look at it in a mirror, you will see that DOG really is GOD.

5.    If I bark and start wagging my tail then it is time for you to leave so that I can go for my evening walk, Thank You.


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KoKo – My Super Sensory Nose

If you see me in the street I will usually have my nose to the ground. Why you ask? Well it is the best way to read Wee Mails from my friends! Of course I always leave a Weeply on the Weetrees planted for us by the City of Subiaco workers. The gardeners  even put Weetrees on roundabouts for us in case we have an urgent need to send a message when we are crossing the road!

I have written a little poem to explain more about my wonderful nose.



A Poem by KoKo ShakesPaw

 Common Scents

Sniff, sniff, sniff

My little nose is twitching.

Sniff, sniff, sniff

My brain and nerves are itching.

I am reading Weemails

From all my doggy friends.

They tell me news like the emails

That your friends send.

Do my mates want a visit?

Or are they unwell?

Or do they have an exciting story

Of the neighbourhood to tell?

Are they new to Subiaco

And need a welcome?

Or are they just being social

And inviting me to come?

Are they warning me of danger?

Of a big dog on the prowl?

Or have they spotted the Subi ranger?

What have I done wrong now?


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My Hearing Skills by KoKo


Most dogs only know the words “sit”, “food” and “fetch”, but I understand many words. My favourite words are “treat, food, walk, food, run, food, cuddles, walk, food, park and food”. You will discover more about what these words mean to me later in my tale.

I also know three firm words – “No, Stay and Come” that my Mum says very clearly. However, just because I know these words does not mean I always obey! I have been known to become suddenly deaf if Mum calls me to go home when I am still busy playing with my doggie mates.

 A Poem by KoKo ShakesPaw

What I Can Hear

I can hear the quiet

whispering of crickets

and the buzz of happy bees

I can pick the crackle

of dog biscuits

It brings me to my knees.

I don’t hear “Come”

 if I want to “Stay”

But if there is a treat

in Mum’s pocket

I will rush to her

as fast as a speeding rocket!

Late at night I can hear

The classic tinkle of tiny feet

Out in our backyard

The rats are looking for a treat.

I can hear my neighbours barking

and know what they need.

They are saying they are hungry

and waiting for a feed!

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KoKo – My Charming Character (from the Archives)

Koko Age 8 weeks

Before my mum finally decided to take a dog into her home she had down a lot of thinking.

Her list of desires included that the puppy had to be fluffy, cute and have a lovely happy face.

I fitted the bill!

koko so small 12 wks





You can see how cute I was when I was a little puppy. Mum did not suspect the assertive and naughty streaks hidden behind my shy smile. She discovered them gradually as I grew older.

Mum was clever when she decided to take me into her home.

How else could she have found someone who would follow her around all day, talk to her and love her endlessly?

  KOKO ball 12wks




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KoKo – Who am I?


My Name is KoKo

I am a boy dog and when my human Mum took this photo I was four months old. Mum said I looked like a cuddly golden teddy bear. Now that I am older I am white and apricot in colour.

I have cunning affectionate eyes and a sweet and innocent face. My best asset is my wonderful smile which lights up my face. My tail is long and fluffy and wags like a windscreen wiper when I am excited. If you stand behind me in summer I will brush the flies off your face for free!

Mum thought very carefully about my name and told me this story. “When I was a little girl I was very scared of dogs. Some of them chased me and scratched me with their sharp claws. I felt frightened. Now that I am older I have met some sweet and friendly dogs.

One day in 2006 Mum decided she felt OK about finding a little dog to share her life. Her main wish was that it had to be fluffy and have a lovely happy face. I fitted the bill!

I think my mum was very clever when she decided to take me into her home. How else could she have found someone who would follow her around all day, talk to her and love her endlessly? I admire Mum for facing her fears – even though it took her over forty years!

Mum thought that calling me OkOk would remind her that taking me into her home was a good decision to make. But calling out OkOk at the park might be tricky so she called me KoKo.

When Mum is being formal, she calls me “Mister K”. The kids at my park call me Kokky and one of my neighbours calls me KoKo Pops!  If I am being naughty Mum calls me another name that is not nice. I won’t tell you that name.

Woofs Hello from KoKo

  • You can contact me through my  Mum
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KoKo’s First Dog Blog Post

KoKo Dog Blogger

KoKo at his computer

Well, here I am at last, finally putting paws to paper (I mean keyboard!)

My name is KoKo.

I am a famous coffee drinking dog, from Subiaco in Western Australia. My blog allows me to share my adventures, doggie disasters and local community events in Subiaco.

The following dog’s tail (whoops! I mean tale) is about my nearly nine years of living in Subiaco from April 2006 until December 2014. It is only a short history as I am only a little dog.

In my Dog Blog I  share tales of fun moments and sad events, stories of my dog friends and of the people who pat me. I talk about the parks I visit, the rangers I meet and the work I do as a responsible Subiaco Resident. I will also excite you with tales of my adventures in this leafy suburb.

You will discover while reading this tale that I am not just any dog, for I am a clever Subiaco dog. I see, smell, hear and think a lot as I walk around streets and lanes near my home. As I cannot write or speak human English I asked my Mum to write down my thoughts for me in words you will understand.My Mum is very clever too and also takes all the photos.

When you see me in the street, I will probably have my nose to the ground. You may wonder what I am doing. I am reading Weemails from my friends! Being a polite dog, I always leave a Weeply on the Weetrees planted for us by the City of Subiaco workers. The workers really do look after us well – they even put Weetrees on roundabouts in case we need to leave an urgent Weemail!

This is MY dog’s tale. I hope you enjoy it.

KoKo Potter©2014