My Hearing Skills by KoKo


Most dogs only know the words “sit”, “food” and “fetch”, but I understand many words. My favourite words are “treat, food, walk, food, run, food, cuddles, walk, food, park and food”. You will discover more about what these words mean to me later in my tale.

I also know three firm words – “No, Stay and Come” that my Mum says very clearly. However, just because I know these words does not mean I always obey! I have been known to become suddenly deaf if Mum calls me to go home when I am still busy playing with my doggie mates.

 A Poem by KoKo ShakesPaw

What I Can Hear

I can hear the quiet

whispering of crickets

and the buzz of happy bees

I can pick the crackle

of dog biscuits

It brings me to my knees.

I don’t hear “Come”

 if I want to “Stay”

But if there is a treat

in Mum’s pocket

I will rush to her

as fast as a speeding rocket!

Late at night I can hear

The classic tinkle of tiny feet

Out in our backyard

The rats are looking for a treat.

I can hear my neighbours barking

and know what they need.

They are saying they are hungry

and waiting for a feed!

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  1. Patent attorney

    I can imagine reading this with my daughter and it being not just a fun rhythmical, musical event but also a way to teach her about the unique perspectives of a dog’s sensory experience!

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