Keeping Handsome

Koko BathTryptic copy

In the hot months of summer our daily routine is: Go for a walk, run, chase the ball, play with friends, swim at the beach, bath, dry, cuddle…. WHOOPS! Did I hear that word BATH??? Bye, I am out of here …! I don’t like being wet.

You can see from the photos that this time I did not get away. It is not all bad news though. After the bath there is the lovely towel rub massage. Then I am clean and fluffy again.

Every few months I need a professional haircut session and toe nail trim at the Wembley Vet Clinic. I shake in fear when I arrive as I remember that big bath and noisy hairdryer. Afterwards though when mum comes back to collect me I feel fresh and handsome again.

You may have noticed that sometimes I am white and other times I have apricot streaks. I have expensive tastes. It costs mum quite a lot to have Faye the Subiaco hairdresser put the streaks of colour into my white coat. I also need to visit Belinda at Bella Hart Beauty Shop in Rokeby Road if I have a special occasion to attend. Belinda paints my nails. You may think I am of vain and frivolous but I have a kind heart and gentle ways.


Ha! Ha! I tricked you! I am a boy dog. I don’t wear makeup. I only wear my blue collar and my blue hoody if it is frosty in winter. My hair just changes colour naturally in winter and spring.

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