Duck Poo Perfume!

Dear Subiaco dog mates. I have an exciting find I would like reveal.






I found a wonderful perfume at Subi Common on Friday night. I was paddling in the little stream, as I was hot after chasing and stealing Frankie’s ball, when a strong stinky odour hit my little nostrils and crept up to my brain. Of course I wasted no time before searching on the slippery banks, under slimy rocks and finally discovering the source on the bank just near a deserted tree branch. What was my next move? Yes you, being dogs, will have guessed. I dropped to the wet ground and rolled over and over in the stinky grass.

I ran excitedly back to mum and her friends to see what they thought. ” Oh no KoKo – what have you done?” mum cried. “You smell like Duck Poo”. “There is no way you areĀ  getting in the car – you can walk home by yourself!”

I sank down flat on the grass very disappointed. I had thought mum would love the perfume just like I did. What strange people are parents are. Although I think I learned a lesson tonight I suspect I may not be able to resist next time that lovely stinky odour hits my senses.

Roxy, Jasper, Venus and Holly would have understood. They also like rolling in smells.