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My Subiaco Cafe Dog Mates

CafeDogsSubiKOKO_edited-1 CafeDogsSubiSimba CafeDogsSubiTippy

As you know, being a Subiaco Dog, I spend a lot of my time hanging out at cafes. I love meeting my mates. We all sit quietly while our mums and dads sip their coffees. Last Saturday there were eight of us at Spring. Being as spoiled as I am, I am always treated to my own frothy sip. I sit on mum’s lap and wait patiently. I love my coffee!

CafeDogsSubiShamus CafeDogsSubiU4 CafeDogsToy

Here are photos of  Angus, Aristos, Archie, Bennie, Biddles and two Billys. Then there is Fraser, Issy , Jet, Leon, Lochie, Lulu, Maggie, Maia, two , and Oki and Olly. Saffron, Shamus,  Simba, Skip, Tippy, Tora and  Zac form the rest of the group.

CafeDogsZack CafeJetSubiDogsSpring- CafeMayaDogsSubiMia_edited-1 CafeSubiDogsAngusa_edited-1 CafeSubiDogsCafeLochie_edited-1 CafeSubiDogsFraser_edited-1CafeSubiDogsMaggie_edited-1 CafeSubiDogsMolly_edited-1 CafeSubiDogsOKI_edited-1 CafeSubiDogsTora_edited-1 KokoNadaPeople CafeSubiDogsSaffron_edited-1  CafeBennyDogsSubi CafeBiddles SubiDogsCafe CafeSubiDogsSkip_edited-1 CafeDogs IssyCafeDogsBilly CafeDogsLulu CafeDogsArchie1 CafeDogsBilly (2) CafeDogsOllyCafeDogsLeon CafeDogsMolly