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Richard Diggins Park

This cute little Subiaco park is just around the corner from my home. I call it THE Park because it is in Park Street! It is where I spend most of my play time.

Richard Diggins (who was the mayor of Subiaco a long time ago) made this land into a park for us. Because it has three fences and a quiet road it is safe for adventurous kids. Lots of mums and dads teach their puppies how to behave on the lead and learn words like come and sit. They also teach them to be gentle with the kids and say hello nicely.RDPark

The first thing I have to do after I say hello to the kids is say, “Excuse me please”.  I run off deep into the jungle of ivy. The kids know not to look because I am doing a private thing. Then I leap and spring over the plants and rush out to have fun. (By the way if you know why I walk in a circle three times before I go to the toilet please tell me!)

I romp and race through the gardens and hide from my mum.  When I tire of hiding I get well tousled and patted by the kids then slumber in the shade of a tree. Honeyeaters, Parrots, Corellas and even Carnaby Cockatoos enjoy the native trees too.

I would like to thank the City of Subiaco Council workers. They look after my Park extremely well. They plant kangaroo paws and those lovely Woolly bushes. They often have lunch in The Park. It is their favourite park too!

A few of my favourite Weetrees in the park have died but the City of Subiaco Parks and Gardens staff have replaced them. The workers bring in lots of smelly dirt to enrich the garden beds for the new seedling. Us dogs just love rolling in it but we are not very popular with our parents when we go home very smelly and black!


Because I am such a famous dog the kids all know me. When they see me they yell “KoKo!”  and come rushing over to play. Kate, Rose, Jessica, Annabel, Leisha, Clare, Isabella, Sophia, Poppy and May May have grown up with me at the park. Now that they have grown up there are other young kids for me to get to know.

   LKokoDressupsAnnabelPeople LGirlsKokoPeople3 LGirlsKokoPeople 


Sometimes I give the girls a lick on the ear. They giggle because they think I am kissing them.There were also a few boys at the park: Michael from around the corner, Emris from Belgium and Jack and James from England used to kick their football around. Recently Alex in his Subiaco Primary School Shirt, learned to play games with me in the park. He learned that I would do anything for a treat!



There are lots of people at the park who are there for a week then they disappear for days. I hear they are called FIFOs! Not to be confused with UFOs which are the sparkling things we see in the night sky sometimes. Or maybe they are called stars?



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Snooping Around Subiaco Streets



Walking – Rain, Hail or Shine

The seasons pass quickly. We walk when the sky is dark and THREATENING, if the grass is moist with frost, or even when my paw pads start to sizzle on the hot pavement.

One moment I am enjoying the crunch, crunch, of dry leaves under my little feet in autumn then I am dashing out for a walk between rain showers. After days of crashing thunder and zippy lightening, the squelchy mud in the park attracts my attention. It seeps between my toes and leaves me with little black socks. I come home all black and muddy.

KoKo Winter

Then the  hay fever season starts. A tiny scratchy feeling creeps up my nose towards my brain. “Ahhhhchoooo! Ahhhhchoooo”.  The flowers are in bloom. When I get home I have to remove the prickles from my fur after I have walked on the grass.

On hot days I walk in the narrow shadow of the fences to protect me from the burning sun and to avoid frying my paws. it is times like this that I appreciate the shop owners who put a bowl of cool water out for me and my mates.

A Hot Summer Poem

Hot air

Scorched grass

Scratchy weeds

Of summer not past


Baking in an oven

Slinking in the shade

Wanting to discover

Cool water to wade


Bright glare

Sweaty sleep

Dry Mouth

Poor burnt little feet!


Mum, can we please go down

To the cool of Cottesloe beach?

By KoKoShakesPaw

As I pad on my little paws around the streets near my home I meet up with other dog mates.

This is cute little Grommit and Mot, the pair of dogs Angus and Maddie, then Leo, Gus and Charlie who all live nearby. Rocky now lives in kalgoorlie but sometimes still comes to visiti me.

Gemima and her family, and Kipper and his family, walk past my house on their way to the park or the shops.

LookalikeGromit copy RDParkMot RDParkLeo RDParkAngus RDParkMaddie OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RDParkGus RDParkCharli

GemimaFamilyPeople KipperJennyPeople copy

If I am sitting outside in a sunny spot, the Subiaco workers will always pat me. It is a bit naughty of me to be off lead but I am sleepy on my mat and mum is gardening just nearby.

Subi Staff Koko

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KoKo in Subiaco streets

Sam 2011

Mum and I never miss our twice daily walks – exercise is the most important part of my day – apart from eating of course! As we walk from our Townshend Road home, we say hello to my friends.  This is a photo of Sam, a happy little puppy, who was my next-door neighbour but now lives in a different suburb. I miss his cute face and long curly ears.

Across the road Sparky, an older dog, is at Helen and Boyd’s house. Then old black Molly sits on Brian and Diane’s veranda.


Some days I take Mum up Bedford Street so I can say hello to Jim’s dogs Tina and Tags. Jim also has another dog called Top Dog in Axon St. He is a very quiet dog because he is a statue!


In Park Street, I say “Hi Bandit” to a dog who has tiger stripes and if Adele is staying there with her grandparents I might give her a kiss on the ear. She laughs.

RDParkBandit KokoAdele2people

When we are nearing My Park in Park St I feel shivers of excitement running from my whiskers to my tail. I smile and pant with ANTICIPATION and my little legs feel springy. When I see that some of my friends are in the park cannot stop my legs from jiggling. I am keen to run across Park Street… “Stop, Look, Wait” says my mum.

When there are no cars, Mum says, “GO”. We all have to be careful when we cross a road. Some cars go very fast and they will squash you or me into a squelchy mess.

The Subiaco Primary School kids made this tile to remind all the school kids to be careful crossing the road too. It is in the pavement in Bagot Rd.

look Road

One day I wrote a little poem about crossing the road. I hope you like it.

                                           Look KokoTryptic

 I Can Be Safe

Whenever we get to a road

I know to obey the code

“Look right, look left, look right again”

I keep these words in my brain


Mum makes me practice and practice

So that there will be no malpractice

When I get to the road I must never run

I don’t want to end up a squashed one


“Look right, look left, look right again”

I try to keep these words in my brain

But what is that I can smell?

Maybe beef or pork – I can’t tell


There’s a Nando’s box on the road

Why have all the cars not slowed?

My ears perk up, my nose twitches

My mind is full of lovely pictures


Then I hear my Mum’s loud command

“KoKo, don’t move, just stand”

My plan of a feast fades from my dreams

all that I hear are my Mum’s screams


I put my brakes on with a squeal

I concede I won’t get that road meal

Saved from being squashed flat as paper

Staying with Mum at the kerb will be much safer


From now on I will use my brain

look right, look left, look right again


                                                Thank you Mum!

                                            by KoKoShakesPaw