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Snooping Around Subiaco Streets



Walking – Rain, Hail or Shine

The seasons pass quickly. We walk when the sky is dark and THREATENING, if the grass is moist with frost, or even when my paw pads start to sizzle on the hot pavement.

One moment I am enjoying the crunch, crunch, of dry leaves under my little feet in autumn then I am dashing out for a walk between rain showers. After days of crashing thunder and zippy lightening, the squelchy mud in the park attracts my attention. It seeps between my toes and leaves me with little black socks. I come home all black and muddy.

KoKo Winter

Then the  hay fever season starts. A tiny scratchy feeling creeps up my nose towards my brain. “Ahhhhchoooo! Ahhhhchoooo”.  The flowers are in bloom. When I get home I have to remove the prickles from my fur after I have walked on the grass.

On hot days I walk in the narrow shadow of the fences to protect me from the burning sun and to avoid frying my paws. it is times like this that I appreciate the shop owners who put a bowl of cool water out for me and my mates.

A Hot Summer Poem

Hot air

Scorched grass

Scratchy weeds

Of summer not past


Baking in an oven

Slinking in the shade

Wanting to discover

Cool water to wade


Bright glare

Sweaty sleep

Dry Mouth

Poor burnt little feet!


Mum, can we please go down

To the cool of Cottesloe beach?

By KoKoShakesPaw

As I pad on my little paws around the streets near my home I meet up with other dog mates.

This is cute little Grommit and Mot, the pair of dogs Angus and Maddie, then Leo, Gus and Charlie who all live nearby. Rocky now lives in kalgoorlie but sometimes still comes to visiti me.

Gemima and her family, and Kipper and his family, walk past my house on their way to the park or the shops.

LookalikeGromit copy RDParkMot RDParkLeo RDParkAngus RDParkMaddie OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RDParkGus RDParkCharli

GemimaFamilyPeople KipperJennyPeople copy

If I am sitting outside in a sunny spot, the Subiaco workers will always pat me. It is a bit naughty of me to be off lead but I am sleepy on my mat and mum is gardening just nearby.

Subi Staff Koko


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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