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Eagles – A Footy Tale by KoKo



I can’t write about Subiaco without mentioning football.

Lots of footy fans who have driven to Subiaco walk past my house from their parked car to the oval. I enjoy the atmosphere. I think banning parking near the oval is a clever trick by the Council to make people healthier. Of course the really smart people catch the train or a bus.

I sit out on my verge so that I can be a part of the fun. As you can see I wear my Eagles coat. The Eagles are Subiaco’s football team but you probably already knew that.


The people dressed in blue and gold stop to say hello and give me a pat. I am very popular. After the game some of the people are quiet and sad but they smile and pat me again.

One day we had a very special football day. The Eagles were playing the Richmond Tigers. Richmond is Mum’s team – she comes from Victoria. Mum told me that the Richmond Club theme song is “Eat ‘Em Alive!”  So when the Eagles beat the Tigers I sat on the verge eating my toy Tiger Snake (who had on a yellow and black stripped sock and hat)!  Everyone thought it was very funny. Mum was not happy.

Eagles Tigers

The next Sunday morning we had quite as surprise. As I jumped out of mum’s car in Roberts Rd, I sprinted into Mueller Park and found myself running through a flock of “Dead Eagles! They looked very tired, maybe beating the other team by ten goals the previous day was too much for them.

Then, after I had chased my ball and run with my friends, I turned around and look what I saw! Four of the Eagles had come alive again and were trying to push this poor tree down. Mr. Ranger there are vandals in the park. Where are you when I need you?

The Eagles have not flown very well in 2013. If I was a poor fan I might think about wearing a purple and white coat to support the Dockers next year.

(I am just joking!!)

Come on The Eagles!



I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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