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Richard Diggins Park

This cute little Subiaco park is just around the corner from my home. I call it THE Park because it is in Park Street! It is where I spend most of my play time.

Richard Diggins (who was the mayor of Subiaco a long time ago) made this land into a park for us. Because it has three fences and a quiet road it is safe for adventurous kids. Lots of mums and dads teach their puppies how to behave on the lead and learn words like come and sit. They also teach them to be gentle with the kids and say hello nicely.RDPark

The first thing I have to do after I say hello to the kids is say, “Excuse me please”.  I run off deep into the jungle of ivy. The kids know not to look because I am doing a private thing. Then I leap and spring over the plants and rush out to have fun. (By the way if you know why I walk in a circle three times before I go to the toilet please tell me!)

I romp and race through the gardens and hide from my mum.  When I tire of hiding I get well tousled and patted by the kids then slumber in the shade of a tree. Honeyeaters, Parrots, Corellas and even Carnaby Cockatoos enjoy the native trees too.

I would like to thank the City of Subiaco Council workers. They look after my Park extremely well. They plant kangaroo paws and those lovely Woolly bushes. They often have lunch in The Park. It is their favourite park too!

A few of my favourite Weetrees in the park have died but the City of Subiaco Parks and Gardens staff have replaced them. The workers bring in lots of smelly dirt to enrich the garden beds for the new seedling. Us dogs just love rolling in it but we are not very popular with our parents when we go home very smelly and black!


Because I am such a famous dog the kids all know me. When they see me they yell “KoKo!”  and come rushing over to play. Kate, Rose, Jessica, Annabel, Leisha, Clare, Isabella, Sophia, Poppy and May May have grown up with me at the park. Now that they have grown up there are other young kids for me to get to know.

   LKokoDressupsAnnabelPeople LGirlsKokoPeople3 LGirlsKokoPeople 


Sometimes I give the girls a lick on the ear. They giggle because they think I am kissing them.There were also a few boys at the park: Michael from around the corner, Emris from Belgium and Jack and James from England used to kick their football around. Recently Alex in his Subiaco Primary School Shirt, learned to play games with me in the park. He learned that I would do anything for a treat!



There are lots of people at the park who are there for a week then they disappear for days. I hear they are called FIFOs! Not to be confused with UFOs which are the sparkling things we see in the night sky sometimes. Or maybe they are called stars?




I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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