Cliff Sadlier Park Dog Tails


Daglish dogs are very lucky to have eight parks. My favourite is the biggest one – Cliff Sadlier Park near the railway line. This park is very popular. It has lots of trees and native garden beds for me to frolic in. One summer’s evening Mum and I counted thirty dogs (and of course just as many dog mums and dads).

The variety of dogs who meet there is amazing: there are big dogs and tiny dogs , hairy dogs, curly dogs and shiny ones, black and tan ones, and white and silky ones. Some dogs are ball chasers, some prefer sticks, while others are just lie around and rest. I have noticed that most of the dogs here are much taller and larger than my mates at Subi Common. Maybe it is the fresh water.

One of our duties as dogs is to urge our owners to get up from the TV and become healthy by walking us from one end of the park to the other. We don’t want our mums and dads to get fat! Once a year, at Christmas, we indulge in a BBQ and a party in the park. You can guess what type food I love best!


The park swamp at CS Park quickly fills  up with water after it rains adding a whole new dimension to our play. The big labs and retrievers immediately get excited and start swimming and splashing. Us little dogs prefer to just wallow in the mud at the edges. Sadly for us it usually means a bath when we get home. My mum is not very happy when I climb back into the car with muddy feet.

WetSubiDogsKoko WetCSParkBandit WetSubiDogsTeddy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cliff Sadlier Agility Centre

One afternoon in 2010 we turned up to play as usual and found a new treat! The City of Subiaco had given us an Agility Park to increase our fun and fitness. You can see my clever mates Bobbie and Oscar doing tricks in the next photos.

Three cheers for the Council “Woof Woof Woof!

Mum told me the City of Subiaco is going to give us all some tasty treats if we take part in the Subiaco Dog Olympics Event on April 1st 2014. I think she might be tricking me.

LCSParkAgilitySign LActionOscarJump ActionOscar ActionBobbie

As dogs one of our duties is to not only stay fit ourselves but keep our owners healthy by making them walk from one end of the park to the other or chasing balls for us. Otherwise they might just sit at home watching TV and getting very fat.

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