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Subiaco Farmers Market Dogs


Most Subiaco residents go to the markets at the Subiaco Primary School to buy healthy and exciting food. We dogs go to inhale the wonderful smells of cooking pork and beef sausages!

It is a very social morning as lots of dogs have the same idea. We wander around sniffing the air and carefully avoid going too close to the food stalls so we don’t get told to “move on”.

The market staff never have to pay a cleaner after the market stalls have packed up for the day as us dogs have thoroughly scrounged around for all the dropped leftovers!

These are a few fellow Subiaco Farmers Market Mates.




fSubiDogsMarket-21pRINT fBDSubiDogsMarkets-28b

  fSubiDogsMarket68 fSubiDogsmarketHero-260

 fSubiDogsMarket-15pRINT fGreySubiDogsMarkets-pRINT aSubiDogsMarket1

fRosieSubiDogsMarkets-20 fHarrySubiDogsMarkets-19pRINT

  fHugoBestSubiDogsmarkets-46 fSubiDogsMarkets-15Print fSubiDogsmarkets-227FC

fSubiDogsmarkets-336FC fSubiDogsMarkets-17PRINT fSubiDogsMarkets-(29-of-38)

fSubiDogsmarkets-73 fBeagleSubiDogsmarkets-17FC' dSubiDogsMarket29Print

fSonnySubiDogsMarket69pRINT fDogsmarkets-265Printed cSubiDogsMarket40a

 fCaddySubiDogsmarkets-201 SFMDogBro copy

 fWPSubiDogsMarketsPoodle14Print fHarveySubiDogsMarketPrint35_edited-2 fSubiDogsMarket174Print

fWPSubiDogsMarketsPoodles10Print fSootySubiDogsMarkets-37Print fCocoSubiDogsMarkets-34

SFMDogToffy copy SFMDogInca copy SFMDogU10 copy

SFMDogElla copy SFMDogU2 copy SFMDogU11 copy     bSubiDogsMarket7pRINT fMSubiDogsMarketB1Print

fSubiDogsMarket-21pRINT SubiDogsRDParkBonnya

FayeKokoPeople fLuluSubiDogsMarkets-40Print

   fOscarSubiDogsmarkets-222 SFMDogDaisy copy fStaffySubiDogsMarket 29

 fSubiDogsMarketsIS37aPrint fSubiDogsMarket-31Print

 fTerrierSubiDogsMarkets-PRINT fSubiDogsmarkets-73 fSubiDogsMarketsBaxterPrint

fWestiSubiDogsMarkets-29 SFMDogCato copy fSubiDogsMarketB179pRINT


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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