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Subiaco Farmers Market Tails

As we near the library corner at Bagot and Rokeby Roads on our Saturday morning walk, I pull Mum toward the school. The smell of cooking pork sausages and bacon is stirring my brain cells and pouring lots of energy into my little legs.


I am very excited. I know the great tastes that go with that smell. I walk so fast my Mum struggles to hold me back. I zoom left through the gate into the school grounds toward the food stalls.

I have learned that once I get into the markets I have to walk slowly and act politely if I am to be allowed to stay. If  I get to close to the  food then Mum will take me to the Dog Parking Area that Katie the organizer has set up. Katie is a very kind and clever lady. She has made sure that the Dog Parking has  comfy mats and shade for the dogs that choose to lie there while their mum or dad shops.

SFMAlexPeople SFMScenes StrawberriesSubiMarkets-214 copy

Some days I lie down and meditate, thinking happily of meaty smells. Of course I also contemplate the surprise Mum might bring me back if I am a good dog.




SFMDogBro copy

Recently a new stall is providing dog baths. It is fun for me to watch the other dogs become skinny and soapy then ending up all clean and fluffy. My only concern is that mum might get the idea that I too need a bath. You know how much I dislike getting wet.

When I was a little dog I loved eating raw carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, but now my tastes have matured.  I prefer to eat GinGin Beef, Chorizo or tasty pork from the markets.

At each of the stalls, I pretend I am a new customer and ask the growers politely for a little taste of their food. They reply “Ok KoKo but you have to do a dance for us”. So I do some clever dancing spinning and they give me a treat. I am very clever when I am getting a food reward.

SFMKokoChaiKoko SFM Fish copy KokoFoodCheese


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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