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Subiaco Farmers Market Dogs


Most Subiaco residents go to the markets at the Subiaco Primary School to buy healthy and exciting food. We dogs go to inhale the wonderful smells of cooking pork and beef sausages!

It is a very social morning as lots of dogs have the same idea. We wander around sniffing the air and carefully avoid going too close to the food stalls so we don’t get told to “move on”.

The market staff never have to pay a cleaner after the market stalls have packed up for the day as us dogs have thoroughly scrounged around for all the dropped leftovers!

These are a few fellow Subiaco Farmers Market Mates.




fSubiDogsMarket-21pRINT fBDSubiDogsMarkets-28b

  fSubiDogsMarket68 fSubiDogsmarketHero-260

 fSubiDogsMarket-15pRINT fGreySubiDogsMarkets-pRINT aSubiDogsMarket1

fRosieSubiDogsMarkets-20 fHarrySubiDogsMarkets-19pRINT

  fHugoBestSubiDogsmarkets-46 fSubiDogsMarkets-15Print fSubiDogsmarkets-227FC

fSubiDogsmarkets-336FC fSubiDogsMarkets-17PRINT fSubiDogsMarkets-(29-of-38)

fSubiDogsmarkets-73 fBeagleSubiDogsmarkets-17FC' dSubiDogsMarket29Print

fSonnySubiDogsMarket69pRINT fDogsmarkets-265Printed cSubiDogsMarket40a

 fCaddySubiDogsmarkets-201 SFMDogBro copy

 fWPSubiDogsMarketsPoodle14Print fHarveySubiDogsMarketPrint35_edited-2 fSubiDogsMarket174Print

fWPSubiDogsMarketsPoodles10Print fSootySubiDogsMarkets-37Print fCocoSubiDogsMarkets-34

SFMDogToffy copy SFMDogInca copy SFMDogU10 copy

SFMDogElla copy SFMDogU2 copy SFMDogU11 copy     bSubiDogsMarket7pRINT fMSubiDogsMarketB1Print

fSubiDogsMarket-21pRINT SubiDogsRDParkBonnya

FayeKokoPeople fLuluSubiDogsMarkets-40Print

   fOscarSubiDogsmarkets-222 SFMDogDaisy copy fStaffySubiDogsMarket 29

 fSubiDogsMarketsIS37aPrint fSubiDogsMarket-31Print

 fTerrierSubiDogsMarkets-PRINT fSubiDogsmarkets-73 fSubiDogsMarketsBaxterPrint

fWestiSubiDogsMarkets-29 SFMDogCato copy fSubiDogsMarketB179pRINT

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Waiting Dogs




We dogs spend most of our day waiting:

  • Waiting for food
  • Waiting for a walk
  • Waiting for our mum or dad
  • To come home from work

We are the best waiters in the world.

Here is a little poem I wrote about waiting:

WAITING  by KoKo 2012

       Mum’s left me tied up

To a bicycle rack

Saying “Just wait, little mate,

I will soon be back”

So I lie down and relax

with my head on my paws,

Feeling dizzy with how busy

Mum is with her chores

 My eyes peer into the distance

Between lots of feet and legs

When I think it’s mum I start to dance

When I see it’s not her I start to beg


Sighing and groaning I slump back

to my half-asleep state

Dreaming of food or playing

With my best mate


Then my body tenses, my ears spring upright

my little face glows like the sun

My tail waves madly left and right

And my eyes glow with delight

The joy of waiting

is in meeting again

It is worth all the time

The patience and pain

                                                                                Waiting feet

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Cliff Sadlier Park Dog Tails


Daglish dogs are very lucky to have eight parks. My favourite is the biggest one – Cliff Sadlier Park near the railway line. This park is very popular. It has lots of trees and native garden beds for me to frolic in. One summer’s evening Mum and I counted thirty dogs (and of course just as many dog mums and dads).

The variety of dogs who meet there is amazing: there are big dogs and tiny dogs , hairy dogs, curly dogs and shiny ones, black and tan ones, and white and silky ones. Some dogs are ball chasers, some prefer sticks, while others are just lie around and rest. I have noticed that most of the dogs here are much taller and larger than my mates at Subi Common. Maybe it is the fresh water.

One of our duties as dogs is to urge our owners to get up from the TV and become healthy by walking us from one end of the park to the other. We don’t want our mums and dads to get fat! Once a year, at Christmas, we indulge in a BBQ and a party in the park. You can guess what type food I love best!


The park swamp at CS Park quickly fills  up with water after it rains adding a whole new dimension to our play. The big labs and retrievers immediately get excited and start swimming and splashing. Us little dogs prefer to just wallow in the mud at the edges. Sadly for us it usually means a bath when we get home. My mum is not very happy when I climb back into the car with muddy feet.

WetSubiDogsKoko WetCSParkBandit WetSubiDogsTeddy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cliff Sadlier Agility Centre

One afternoon in 2010 we turned up to play as usual and found a new treat! The City of Subiaco had given us an Agility Park to increase our fun and fitness. You can see my clever mates Bobbie and Oscar doing tricks in the next photos.

Three cheers for the Council “Woof Woof Woof!

Mum told me the City of Subiaco is going to give us all some tasty treats if we take part in the Subiaco Dog Olympics Event on April 1st 2014. I think she might be tricking me.

LCSParkAgilitySign LActionOscarJump ActionOscar ActionBobbie

As dogs one of our duties is to not only stay fit ourselves but keep our owners healthy by making them walk from one end of the park to the other or chasing balls for us. Otherwise they might just sit at home watching TV and getting very fat.

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Cliff Sadlier Park Dog mates

This enormous park is near the old Daglish railway station. It is where the big dogs go to walk their owners and to chase their mates. Some of us little and medium dogs also join them sometimes for a romp. There are lots of native trees and bushes and even 1000 more after the City of Subiaco had a volunteer planting day on Saturday 29th June 2013.

I hope you enjoy my photos of dogs I met in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

plants (and there willCSParkBonnie CSParkBonney2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkBob OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkBella3 CSParkBella CSParkBarney2 CSParkBandit CSParkBaja CSParkBailey CSParkArchie CSParkAngus OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSPark45 CSPark32 CSPark-24U CSPark8 CSPark6 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkWilliam  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkU15 CSParkU14 CSParkU13 CSParkU12 CSParkU11 CSParkU10 CSParkU9 CSParkU8 CSParkU7 CSParkU6 CSParkU5 CSParkU4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkTully CSParkTSi CSParkTreacle1 CSParkToki OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkToto1   CSParkSooty1 CSParkSnips1 CSParkSyke CSParksheba1 CSParkScout CSParkSarah CSParkSamson CSParkRuby2 CSParkRuby1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkRonny CSParkRalph0001 CSParkRex CSParkRaja CSParkPoppy2 CSParkPoppy CSParkPluto CSParkPina1 CSParkPhoebe CSParkPhia CSParkPebble  CSParkPambi CSParkOtis CSParkPatch2 CSParkOscar CSParkNinga CSParkNed CSParkNara CSParkMonty CSParkMolto CSParkMollyc OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkMOLLY CSParkMinnie CSParkMochaCSParkMiley2 CSParkMidge CSParkMervin CSParkMax2 CSParkMax1 CSParkMandy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkMaddie3 CSParkMaddie2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkLily CSParkLila CSParkKootenay CSParkKokoRun CSParkKingsy2 CSParkKendra'sBro CSParkKelly CSParkJosie1b CSParkJuraFC CSParkJosie2c  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkJingles CSParkJessie CSParkJensen (2) CSParkJaz2 CSParkJaz CSParkJack2 CSParkJack1 CSParkJack CSParkIslayFc CSParkIggy CSParkHoney1 CSParkHolly CSParkHenry CSParkHay CSParkHarry CSParkHamish2 CSParkGinger CSParkGilly CSParkFrankie2 CSParkFootya CSParkFelix OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkElvis CSParkElly CSParkDougal CSParkDougal (2) CSParkDot OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkDJ CSParkDaisy2b CSParkCullity OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkChop OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CSParkCharli CSParkCasey CSParkBuster


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Richard Diggins Park

This cute little Subiaco park is just around the corner from my home. I call it THE Park because it is in Park Street! It is where I spend most of my play time.

Richard Diggins (who was the mayor of Subiaco a long time ago) made this land into a park for us. Because it has three fences and a quiet road it is safe for adventurous kids. Lots of mums and dads teach their puppies how to behave on the lead and learn words like come and sit. They also teach them to be gentle with the kids and say hello nicely.RDPark

The first thing I have to do after I say hello to the kids is say, “Excuse me please”.  I run off deep into the jungle of ivy. The kids know not to look because I am doing a private thing. Then I leap and spring over the plants and rush out to have fun. (By the way if you know why I walk in a circle three times before I go to the toilet please tell me!)

I romp and race through the gardens and hide from my mum.  When I tire of hiding I get well tousled and patted by the kids then slumber in the shade of a tree. Honeyeaters, Parrots, Corellas and even Carnaby Cockatoos enjoy the native trees too.

I would like to thank the City of Subiaco Council workers. They look after my Park extremely well. They plant kangaroo paws and those lovely Woolly bushes. They often have lunch in The Park. It is their favourite park too!

A few of my favourite Weetrees in the park have died but the City of Subiaco Parks and Gardens staff have replaced them. The workers bring in lots of smelly dirt to enrich the garden beds for the new seedling. Us dogs just love rolling in it but we are not very popular with our parents when we go home very smelly and black!


Because I am such a famous dog the kids all know me. When they see me they yell “KoKo!”  and come rushing over to play. Kate, Rose, Jessica, Annabel, Leisha, Clare, Isabella, Sophia, Poppy and May May have grown up with me at the park. Now that they have grown up there are other young kids for me to get to know.

   LKokoDressupsAnnabelPeople LGirlsKokoPeople3 LGirlsKokoPeople 


Sometimes I give the girls a lick on the ear. They giggle because they think I am kissing them.There were also a few boys at the park: Michael from around the corner, Emris from Belgium and Jack and James from England used to kick their football around. Recently Alex in his Subiaco Primary School Shirt, learned to play games with me in the park. He learned that I would do anything for a treat!



There are lots of people at the park who are there for a week then they disappear for days. I hear they are called FIFOs! Not to be confused with UFOs which are the sparkling things we see in the night sky sometimes. Or maybe they are called stars?