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Doggie Disasters – Trips to the Vet

Surprisingly for a little dog, I have had more than my fair share of disasters. Here are a few little tales with scary endings. Of course, because I am still writing this tale, you know I survived each of them!

The Satay Stick Saga

One night, as mum and I were walking down Axon St, my mischievous nose detected a smelly stick, with a tasty peanut covering, under a bush. My whiskers quivered and I wasted no time in bolting it down. When mum looked back at me from her stargazing, I was smiling lots. She knew I was up to something but could not guess what.


The next morning, when mum woke up, I was crying softly. There was a sharp pain inside me. Mum knew I had done something naughty but she did not know what. So, of course we went to see my friend Greg the Vet again. After Mum told Greg the story Greg gave me a little needle and I fell asleep in mum’s arms.

When I woke up again, the pain was gone and I was hungry. I was very happy! Greg showed mum a little jar with a long Satay stick in it. He said, “You are a very very lucky dog KoKo. Next time you find some leftovers please eat the meat but please leave the stick“. 


 A Fishy Fiasco


I have mentioned I like many sorts of meat but I also like fish. Once I found a fish just lying in the sand by the river (in that other suburb that Subiaco people do not want to amalgamate with). It smelt beautifully stinky (the Blow Fish not Nedlands). I sank my sharp teeth into the dead fish and started to grind the bones. You should have seen my mum! She grabbed the Blow Fish tail and tried to stop it slipping down my throat! But I was not giving it back. We fought hard but I gulped it down. Next thing I knew mum was driving like a maniac (safely) to see Greg again.

It was very EMBARRASSING. Greg gave me an injection that made me throw up! And he made me eat charcoal! There I was sitting on newspaper with black stuff all over my face feeling very bloated and uncomfortable. Mum cried. Not about the money it cost her, but about nearly losing me. I don’t like Blow Fish anymore.

The Chair Chase Calamity

I am usually tied to a pole while Mum buys our coffees. One rainy day at Spring Cafe Mum tied me to a chair under shelter. A big noisy truck frightened me as it went past. My eyes flew open and I tensed up all over. I ran away from the noise as fast as my little legs could carry me.

Bang, crash, bang, scrape I heard. The noise behind me was still there and it was getting closer and louder. My ears were flat against my head my tail tucked under with fear. I glanced behind and saw the chair was chasing me. Faster and faster I ran down Bagot Road but I could not escape. BANG, CRASH, BANG, SCRAPE – the chair was shouting in my sensitive little ears.

Finally mum caught up to us, killed the chair, and saved me. I shook lots and lots and was very upset. I would not even smile at the kids or eat a treat. Mum cuddled me and tried to calm me but I was very traumatised Eventually my terrors eased a little and I slept.


My memory was too good. I could not forget the sound and the fear I felt. I refused to go near a cafe. Mum tried to trick me by going a different way to the cafe but she could not fool me. As we neared the cafe I would always shake and plant my feet and refuse to go on. Then I refused to go near any cafe. We were missing our coffees. Mum decided to consult a clever person so we of course went down to the Subiaco Vet to ask Greg for advice again.

Greg suggested I take some  tablets to help me relax again. Mum told me that I would feel better if I did what Greg asked. So I took my tablets every day for a whole month. I am pleased to say that they worked. I am not afraid anymore to go to the cafes anymore! Mum said, “You are an expensive dog to look after but I still love you”.


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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