Rosalie Park Dogs

Today my morning play was at Rosalie Park.

Rosalie Park is in Shenton Park on a bus route from Subiaco. It would be handy if they let me on the bus but as they don’t Mum has to drive me here.

Unfortunately Rosalie Park is a soccer and lacrosse field so us dogs are only allowed to run free in the early mornings. It is a very large space so I can run away from my mum very quickly. First I caper through the native gardens then hide under a bush. Mum never knows where I have disappeared to.

Suddenly I reappear and I race across the grass to play with other dogs.

AgSubiDogsRosalieU1 AgSubiDogsRosalieU2 AgSubiDogsRosalieTess AgSubiDogsRosalieTeddy

AgSubiDogsRosalieTammy AgSubiDogsRosalieShadow2 AgSubiDogsRosaliePoppy AgSubiDogsRosalieHoghi

AgSubiDogsRosalieAlfie  AgSubiDogsRosalieDeputy

2 thoughts on “Rosalie Park Dogs

  1. Wonderul Rosalie Park.So glad you enjoy it’s great atmosphere.
    Green, friendly, large open space. A dog’s and owners delight.


    • It is wonderful to have such a large space to run around. Despite its size though I still think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence – so I escape into the school yard. My mum is not happy! KoKo


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