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My Mates the Subiaco Rangers

There is a very important group of people who wear their City of Subiaco uniforms when they are walking around our streets. They are the Subiaco Rangers and the gardeners and maintenance staff.

I always say hello to the rangers. Mum told me when I was a little puppy “Be kind to everyone you meet in the street. You have an endless supply of love to give away and your cute little smile just might make someone’s day happier.

Some people think rangers are nasty because they give out parking fines, but they do good things too.


The rangers register, manage and control animals and make sure residents are safe in the streets. They help get lost dogs back to their families and help look after the environment and our parks. One day I discovered where the endless supply of yellow bags come from in the park. I thought it must have been a yellow bag fairy but it is a ranger!

­­­Ranger Danger Tail 1

You may have seen a sign at the park with my relatives picture on it and these words:


I was puzzled when I saw the sign as I cannot read.

I asked the kids who were playing in the  park  “Do you know what this sign means please?” The kids must be very clever as they go to Subiaco Primary School. They read the words out loud to me. “Oh dear” I thought, “if I stay on my lead I will be tangled up when I dance for the kids. I will have to pull my mum under all the tree branches and into the jungle of ivy when I do my wee.  What am I going to do”?  I want to roam free and play.

I asked my friend Steph. He is a funny man who rides a bike and comes to the park with two senior dogs called Nellie and Buster.


He always has dog treats in his pocket. Steph told me that he had a magic lead. He said “the ranger will think you have a lead on but it will let run and play freely”. I sighed in relief. Then Steph laughed and said “I am only pulling your legs … all four of them!”

If you promise not to tell anyone I will share a little secret with you. My dog friends and I are good dogs and always wear our leads in the street. We don’t want to scare people or have a car squash us. However, at night or very early in the morning, when there are no people there, we run around the park chasing each other without our leads. Please don’t tell Mr. Ranger! We are just trying to be healthy and enjoy life with our friends safely.

Ranger Danger Tail 2

The ranger told my mum and I that some dogs in Subiaco are not registered. I was very surprised. Why not I ask? Look at what you receive in return for a small yearly fee:

1.     A coloured Subiaco registration tag to hang on your collar

2.     A search party of wonderful rangers to look for you if your owners  have lost you

3.     A personally escorted trip back to your family in a cute little white van

What happens if you are not registered? If the rangers find you wandering the streets, they might toss you into a van and take you to the dog pound. It will cost your mum and dad lots of money to recover you.

Ranger Danger Tail 3

One day I heard a builder nearby make a VERY loud noise – Bang, Crash Screech. I leapt up in shock and trembled from my nose to the tip of my tail. What was it I thought? A truck crashing or a thunderstorm? Then I heard it again. Bang, Crash Screech. I was very scared.

Koko Scared copy

I put my feet in top gear and dashed out the gate. I ran and ran and ran till my tongue was hanging out and my panting was rapid. I was so frightened that I forgot to turn on my clever brain GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) before I left my house. The GPS is how I find my way home when I am out walking.

When finally I tired and looked around I did not know where I was. Luckily a nice ranger found me in Hammersley Road.  I was wearing my name tag so he put me in his little white van and took me home to my worried mum. Thank you Mr. Ranger! You do a good job!