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My Mueller Park Adventures

Adventure 1

As you probably know by now, I crave adventure. If I am tired of playing with my ball when I am at Mueller Park, I start to think “I wonder what fun I could find in the flats over the road?” Maybe I could zip across the road and into their garden and see what I can find?

I glance across at Mum to check she is busy talking to another dog parent. I put my imaginary iPod on so I can’t hear my Mum if she calls me, put my speedy legs into top gear and … I am off across the park!

“KoKo STOP”  – I just hear through my music. “Maybe she is talking to someone else” I think. So I keep running faster and faster toward Subiaco Road. There might be a car coming but I tell myself I am super dog, I can make it.

Luckily there are no cars and I reach the other side of the road without being squashed. I sigh with relief then glance around and see Mum is running after me. Boy am I in trouble.

“I am here now so I might as well make the most of my escape” I think, so I squeeze through a gap in the fence into someone’s garden. What fun! There are lots of new smells and bushes to explore. Even better there is a hole in the otehr side fence so I squeeze through into the next garden. Wow this is exciting.

Finally my breath comes in pants and my little legs are shaking. I am looking for water. I glance around and wonder where my Mum is when I need her. I see her puffing up the street looking weary. I do some quick thinking about what tactics to use. I am in trouble but I think I can trick her into being happy.

I run to her excitedly. “Hi Mum, it’s great to see you!” I say, as I jump up and lick her all over. Of course she forgets I have been naughty. She is happy because she knows that I am now safe.

Adventure 2

Other days I try a different trick. The City of Subiaco built a very fancy playground at Mueller Park with a big fence to keep the kids in and the dogs out. The kids have heaps of toys to play with and there are BBQs inside. I think the sign on the gate might say “No Dogs Allowed” but of course, as you know, I cannot read!

I know why I should not do something but I can’t always control myself, especially when food is involved. The smell of cooking sausages in the fenced park is just driving me crazy.

So I paws in my playing and think about how I can break into the kid’s park. I search the fence down low and find a gap. Great! I squeeze my soft furry body through it and wow!… I am in the kids park. Now I can have fun!

Am I interested in having a swing or playing with the ropes you wonder? No, of course not. I have spied the BBQs that are producing that meaty smell. I search the ground for lost sausages. No luck. “Ok”, I think, “lets check out the next BBQ”.

I run past the little kids, duck under the swings, speed around the water feature, dodge the people trying to catch me and almost miss the BBQ. I skid to a stop.

I am having another sniff around looking for sausages on the ground when “Oh No!” Mum grabs me by the scruff of my neck and chucks me out the playground gate, back into the dog park.

Then she walks off to chat to someone else. As you know though – I am not silly – it does not take me long to remember the hole under the fence.

When Mum is distracted again, I  squash myself under the fence, run past the little kids, duck under the swings, speed around the water feature, dodge the people trying to catch me and almost miss the BBQ.

I skid to a stop. I don’t know any other animal that loves a barbecue more than a dog, and being one, I’m no exception.


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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