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My Buzzing Bee Story

Our lives are never boring. I can always make some excitement for my mum.

As we walked past the Park one summer’s evening, I thought, “I will just duck in for a quick slurp of cold water from that lovely bowl the council put there for me”. Later that evening at home I started to regret my decision. I was feeling woozy and my stomach was churning. Suddenly I threw up! All over mum’s carpet.

Mum cuddled me and asked what was wrong. Before I could tell her another burp gurgled up with the last of my dinner. Mum was very concerned. It was dark and Greg our vet was not at his clinic – what could we do?

Mum drove a long way up the freeway to a foreign suburb where there was another vet. By now, I was feeling clammy and shaky. I could barely open my eyes. My heart was racing. and I was very scared. Mum rushed me into the clinic.

The Vet suspected I had swallowed a bee that was drowning in the water bowl. He gave me a quick sting of antivenom to kill the poison that was now inside me. I had a little rest then I ran back to mum in the waiting room wagging my tail happily.  Mum was very happy to see I was OK.

Swallowing a buzzing bee

Cost Mum lots of fees

So now I always drink out of the tap

then go home to a happy nap!