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Morning Dog Walk

Me with my best mate Bro

Every morning I catch up on the local gossip from my dog friends. I read up to 20 WeeMails on my one kilometre walk with my mum. As I am very polite, I always instantly leave a WeePly on the bush.

I run very quickly up lanes and along streets. Mum lets me choose which way we go in the mornings. Eventually as my little paws tire, I slow down and walk “at heel” as a good dog should.

I am very happy that the morning’s winter darkness is now starting to lift and I can see my way better. I have mentioned in an earlier blog that we dogs have a GPS (Global Positioning System) in our heads so that we are we accurate with direction. No matter where we are as soon as mum turns towards home, I know, and I jam my feet into the pavement just to let her know that I am not ready to go home yet. Sometimes we have a little altercation but I let her win, as she has to go to work.

If mum does not go to work, she cannot buy me food and treats. I understand when to give in.

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