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Lurking in the Subiaco Lanes

Our morning walks take us through the mysterious Subiaco lanes.  I am always vigilant  in case I find some food hidden there!  Later on I will tell you about my Satay stick find which landed me in a lot of trouble.

On lucky days I find a building site with space under the gate for me to squeeze through and explore. Mum says it is dangerous as there might  be sharp nails or bits of tin that will cut me. Sadly I have usually dashed off so quickly I don’t hear her yelling at me to stay.

SubiLaneKoko SubiLanes17 SubiLaneKoKoArt3


One day I discovered why the lanes always looked so clean. We met a cute little yellow machine with two big hairbrush eyes. I called it the YELLOW BUG. When I discovered two people hidden inside the bug, I said “Thank you Mr. and Ms. Street Sweepers. You do a great job”.

Yellow Bug Cleaner

The City of Subiaco supports artworks in the lanes. These are some that I have found as I lurk around the lanes in the early morning. I think they brighten up the suburb. Thank you.

SubiLanes14 SubiLanes13  SubiLanes10 SubiLanes11LStreetArt Football



 LStreetDingoArt  StreetGillSign

These two signs are my favourites of course.

Daglish sign 2

Even the railway station at Daglish has art.








I also appreciate the artists who put their work where I can see it as despite having large wallowing eyes I only have little legs.


KoKo Harry Potter


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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