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My Doggie Love Tale


Love is born in the most unusual places.

One busy Sunday at the Subiaco Station Street Markets my heart started beating very fast  as we neared the flower stall. I had never felt like this before. I let out a little “Yip Yip” sound to let mum know something was wrong.

Mum looked down at me and saw that I was very pale and shaking. She also noticed I was staring up at the flower stall. So Mum followed my eyes and I saw a grin creep across her face.

“Don’t worry KoKo, your heart is ok. I think you have just fallen in LOVE!”  For there, surrounding by lovely red tulips, was the most beautiful little girl dog I had ever seen. She was very tiny and very very cute. I felt a warm blush creep across my face and my body felt warm and cuddly inside. it was a nice feeling.

After Bella and I had shared a sniff hello, Mum let me stay with her for a little while. We just kept shyly glancing at each other. I was smiling. Now I visit her every Sunday while mum shops.

Love is one of the seven wonders of the world. The other wonders are:

To see – the trees, the sky and other doggies faces

          To hear – the crackle of a snack pack in a human’s pocket

          To touch – the cool water at the beach on a hot day

          To taste – the scent of BBQ sausages

          To feel – the love in my mum’s hand as she pats me

          To laugh – with happiness as I run in free in the park

          To love – everyone I meet

Mum has told me the story of the Magic Pudding. The more he gave away the more he had to give away.

Don’t be afraid to love – you have an endless heart full inside you.

KoKo Harry Potter


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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