Scary Night Tails

On moonless nights I can feel the heavy darkness around me as we walk up Park Street near our home. Leafy trees block the cute lantern lights that the City of Subiaco put in. We can barely see whether a sneaky cat is creeping towards us ready to scare me.

But mum is not frightened. She says she feels safe walking with me. She thinks that I will frighten off anything spooky.

You can probably imagine mum’s surprise when I told her one night “If I feel frightened in the darkness I will run back to my home very very fast and leave you alone!” Mum looked shocked.

Then, with a twinkle in my eyes, I said: “I am just tricking you mum! I would stay with you and look my scariest and I would growl very loudly …..GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR  WOOFWOOFWOOOOOOOOF”.

You can see me practicing this in the next photo.


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