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Subiaco Dog Reporter Application


One day I thought that, as I knew so much about what was happening in Subiaco, I should apply for a job as a reporter to the Subiaco Post Community Newspaper. You can read my application letter and CV in a moment. I will even show you a transcript of my interview with the editor of the Post in my next blog.

You may think my confidence a little overdone but I am sure they will want to speak to me before the Western Australian Newspaper snaps me up!

Dear Sir,

I am very impressed with the standard of articles in your newspaper and the excellent stories you publish. You must have some quality staff in your employ.

Reading your paper has inspired me to write to alert you to the amazing skills I have in telling of my adventures around Subiaco. I am a prolific reader and blogger. If you follow me on my morning walk you will see that I might read up to twenty WeeMails from my mates in just one kilometre. I am very polite and always leave an instant WeePly.

I have enclosed my CV and anticipate you will be very keen to interview me soon.


Name Koko “So Cute” Harry Potter
DOB February 22nd 2006, Canningvale, Western Australia
Gender Male
Address Townshend Road, Subiaco Western Australia, The World, The Universe
Contact or just whistle for me at my front gate. My mother usually knows where I am. her email is
Schooling RSPCA dog classes, Subiaco parks and streets, home schooling by my mum.
University I am not old enough yet!
Health Excellent – as I do not drink alcohol or smoke and my mum is too stingy with my treats for me to get fat.
Licence None – I am too short to see over the steering wheel.
Philosophy Buddhist – I accept each dog for who they are, and respect everyone.
Political Views My vote goes to the most dog friendly candidate.
Skills Fitness freak  – I walk twice a day and play lotsTeacher  – I help the kids learn to be safe with dogs.Entertainer – I do tricks in the park for kids parties.

Ball Chaser  – throw anything and I will fetch it for you.

Humourist – I make my mum laugh.

Failed Actor – I tried out as  Doris Day’s dog at the Regal.

Hobbies Eating, sleeping, eating, playing, eating (whoops I already said that!)
Social Skills I am a good listener and thinker, and well behaved (most of the time). I can count to two, tell a good story and write poetry. I am able to sit quietly waiting for my mum.I am obstinate and can refuse to do something if it is not in my best interests. I will continue to do a job, just like gnawing at a bone, until there is nothing left to do.
Special Skills I am fairly famous for my tricks –  I can roll over, stop, come, go through and over, choose which hand a treat is in, find, hop, stay, shake hands, wave goodbye, say hello, roll over for a tummy rub, yell at mum to take me for a walk, beg for more food, dance and spin, throw a tantrum just like a two year old, and say yes and no.
Weak Points I am not able to read or spell. I tend to be PREOCCUPIED with food and sleeping. Some people say that I am a bit spoiled.
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More Neighbours Tales

3. Millie

Next on our walk, we head back to the corner of Townshend Road and Park Street. I say hello to Millie, a Kelpie who lives with Leisha and Clare. Sometimes Millie whispers secrets to me. In the park she is very active.





The girls sometimes try to trick me by pretending they have a treat so that I will dance for them. But I am no fool, I refuse. Only when they bring out a real food treat will I dance for them.  One day they pretended they were marrying me. You can see I was not keen and tried to escape.

LeishaClare Koko  LKokoDressupsAnnabelPeople

4. Multicultural Neighbours

Subiaco is home to people from many countries. We say “Hi” to Gayanne and Larry from America and to Jenny and Reece from China. We also greet families from Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Texas and Poland. I have learned that “un chien” is a French dog and “il cane” is an Italian one. Dutch dogs are “hond”, Japanese are “inu” and Polish ones are “pies”. Lastly the Indonesian dogs are called ” anjing”.

I tell the kids if they are frightened of a dog they should stand still and yell SIT in a very loud voice. Whichever country a dog is from they all know the word SIT!

This is Emrys from Belgium sitting with me on my arm chair on the veranda..










5. Bert and Oi

Bert has lived in Subiaco for lots and lots of years. He walks past my house to buy curries at the Subiaco Markets on weekends. He gives me great cuddles. My mum and I took Bert and his best friend “Oi” to The Subiaco Vet last year as he was not very well (Oi that is, not Bert). Oi was nearly 17 years old (that is 119 years in human ages!)

Bert Subiaco









Greg said that Oi was very ill and that he would help him go to sleep which made us feel sad. But then we thought about how Oi will feel young and SPRIGHTLY again and happy in doggie heaven. Oi still lives on in Bert’s heart.

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My Subiaco Neighbours

People Alma Dutch

1. ” Find Alma”

As we walk down Park Street Mum says, “Find Alma.” I race up to the house with the big cream fence, sit on the mat and bark “WOOF”.  Alma now knows I have come to visit. When she comes to her door she sees me jumping with excitement and crazily wagging my tail. But then she is surprised as when she opens the door I rush past her to her back door.

“WOOF “WOOF WOOF” I yell loudly. Let out into the back yard NOW. of course as usual I think first of my stomach. Alma feeds mince to the Kookaburras in her garden and I am hoping I will find some leftovers. After exploring the backyard I go back in and say hello to Alma more politely.

Ode to Alma

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

There is food in my tummy,

My mind might be in a muddle

but I give Alma a lick kiss

and she gives me a cuddle!

If you visit the Subiaco Museum you can hear Alma talk about her life and her family on a CD. The museum has photos and lots of information about Subiaco history. Alma was born in Subiaco and has lived in Park Street all her life. She is very old in human years. If she were a dog, she would be only 12! Alma and her neighbour Collette keep healthy by going to exercise classes at the Arthritis and Diabetes Centre Pool in Shenton Park.



2. Kids and Dogs

My day is very social. Lots of kids in yellow and maroon Subiaco Primary School uniforms stop to say hello to me as they walk past my house. I have learned to be polite and friendly. Here I am with Yo and Betty, Gemima and her family and Kipper and his family.

 GemimaFamilyPeople LKipperJennyPeople


I say hello to other human neighbours who don’t own dogs too. Steve, Eric, Honey and Theo often walk past. When people waiting at the bus stop ask if they can give me a cuddle, of course, I say yes. If we are walking past George O’Neil’s Clinic or The New Start Centre there are always people who give me a pat. Everyone smiles and feels a little happier. I am good for the Subiaco Community!


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Keeping in touch with Subiaco News

Every month “Talk about Subi” arrives in our letterbox from the City of Subiaco. It tells us all the fun things to do. It lists the summer concerts in the park and community meetings. Sometimes at the meetings at The Palms I sit quietly on mum’s lap. I  listen and watch whoever is talking intently. What happens in my suburb is important to me.

Mum and I also look forward to “The Subiaco Post Community Newspaper” arriving on Fridays. We find out what is happening in our suburb and what the council is planning. The Post tells us both sides of a story and supports residents doing good things.  It also shares fun tales and positive achievements – not just all bad news or trivia like other papers.

Unfortunately it is hard for me to fetch the Post for mum as the delivery man puts it in the letterbox instead of on the garden! I am too short to reach it.

The Post may be good but the biggest local newspaper in the world is the ground us dogs  walk on! I learn a lot about what happens in my suburb from sniffing all the WeeMails left by my friends  on the WeeTrees.

I always read the LOST section of the post. I discover which dogs have lost their owners and keep a look out for them on my walks. This is an ad I saw recently from a distressed friend who that had lost his mum.

POST COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER                                                        Page10


One female human with blond hair,

A little overweight, frumpy and grumpy.

She is not wearing a collar and is not micro chipped.

Last seen tied to me (a big sleek greyhound) in Bagot Road.

If you find her please drop a note in my kennel

2658 Hay Street (basement yard)

Reward Offered: One large beef bone

PS. Please tell mum I am sorry I ate her new shoes.