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My Subiaco Neighbours

People Alma Dutch

1. ” Find Alma”

As we walk down Park Street Mum says, “Find Alma.” I race up to the house with the big cream fence, sit on the mat and bark “WOOF”.  Alma now knows I have come to visit. When she comes to her door she sees me jumping with excitement and crazily wagging my tail. But then she is surprised as when she opens the door I rush past her to her back door.

“WOOF “WOOF WOOF” I yell loudly. Let out into the back yard NOW. of course as usual I think first of my stomach. Alma feeds mince to the Kookaburras in her garden and I am hoping I will find some leftovers. After exploring the backyard I go back in and say hello to Alma more politely.

Ode to Alma

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

There is food in my tummy,

My mind might be in a muddle

but I give Alma a lick kiss

and she gives me a cuddle!

If you visit the Subiaco Museum you can hear Alma talk about her life and her family on a CD. The museum has photos and lots of information about Subiaco history. Alma was born in Subiaco and has lived in Park Street all her life. She is very old in human years. If she were a dog, she would be only 12! Alma and her neighbour Collette keep healthy by going to exercise classes at the Arthritis and Diabetes Centre Pool in Shenton Park.



2. Kids and Dogs

My day is very social. Lots of kids in yellow and maroon Subiaco Primary School uniforms stop to say hello to me as they walk past my house. I have learned to be polite and friendly. Here I am with Yo and Betty, Gemima and her family and Kipper and his family.

 GemimaFamilyPeople LKipperJennyPeople


I say hello to other human neighbours who don’t own dogs too. Steve, Eric, Honey and Theo often walk past. When people waiting at the bus stop ask if they can give me a cuddle, of course, I say yes. If we are walking past George O’Neil’s Clinic or The New Start Centre there are always people who give me a pat. Everyone smiles and feels a little happier. I am good for the Subiaco Community!



I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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