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More Neighbours Tales

3. Millie

Next on our walk, we head back to the corner of Townshend Road and Park Street. I say hello to Millie, a Kelpie who lives with Leisha and Clare. Sometimes Millie whispers secrets to me. In the park she is very active.





The girls sometimes try to trick me by pretending they have a treat so that I will dance for them. But I am no fool, I refuse. Only when they bring out a real food treat will I dance for them.  One day they pretended they were marrying me. You can see I was not keen and tried to escape.

LeishaClare Koko  LKokoDressupsAnnabelPeople

4. Multicultural Neighbours

Subiaco is home to people from many countries. We say “Hi” to Gayanne and Larry from America and to Jenny and Reece from China. We also greet families from Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Texas and Poland. I have learned that “un chien” is a French dog and “il cane” is an Italian one. Dutch dogs are “hond”, Japanese are “inu” and Polish ones are “pies”. Lastly the Indonesian dogs are called ” anjing”.

I tell the kids if they are frightened of a dog they should stand still and yell SIT in a very loud voice. Whichever country a dog is from they all know the word SIT!

This is Emrys from Belgium sitting with me on my arm chair on the veranda..










5. Bert and Oi

Bert has lived in Subiaco for lots and lots of years. He walks past my house to buy curries at the Subiaco Markets on weekends. He gives me great cuddles. My mum and I took Bert and his best friend “Oi” to The Subiaco Vet last year as he was not very well (Oi that is, not Bert). Oi was nearly 17 years old (that is 119 years in human ages!)

Bert Subiaco









Greg said that Oi was very ill and that he would help him go to sleep which made us feel sad. But then we thought about how Oi will feel young and SPRIGHTLY again and happy in doggie heaven. Oi still lives on in Bert’s heart.


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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