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Subiaco Dog Reporter Application


One day I thought that, as I knew so much about what was happening in Subiaco, I should apply for a job as a reporter to the Subiaco Post Community Newspaper. You can read my application letter and CV in a moment. I will even show you a transcript of my interview with the editor of the Post in my next blog.

You may think my confidence a little overdone but I am sure they will want to speak to me before the Western Australian Newspaper snaps me up!

Dear Sir,

I am very impressed with the standard of articles in your newspaper and the excellent stories you publish. You must have some quality staff in your employ.

Reading your paper has inspired me to write to alert you to the amazing skills I have in telling of my adventures around Subiaco. I am a prolific reader and blogger. If you follow me on my morning walk you will see that I might read up to twenty WeeMails from my mates in just one kilometre. I am very polite and always leave an instant WeePly.

I have enclosed my CV and anticipate you will be very keen to interview me soon.


Name Koko “So Cute” Harry Potter
DOB February 22nd 2006, Canningvale, Western Australia
Gender Male
Address Townshend Road, Subiaco Western Australia, The World, The Universe
Contact or just whistle for me at my front gate. My mother usually knows where I am. her email is
Schooling RSPCA dog classes, Subiaco parks and streets, home schooling by my mum.
University I am not old enough yet!
Health Excellent – as I do not drink alcohol or smoke and my mum is too stingy with my treats for me to get fat.
Licence None – I am too short to see over the steering wheel.
Philosophy Buddhist – I accept each dog for who they are, and respect everyone.
Political Views My vote goes to the most dog friendly candidate.
Skills Fitness freak  – I walk twice a day and play lotsTeacher  – I help the kids learn to be safe with dogs.Entertainer – I do tricks in the park for kids parties.

Ball Chaser  – throw anything and I will fetch it for you.

Humourist – I make my mum laugh.

Failed Actor – I tried out as  Doris Day’s dog at the Regal.

Hobbies Eating, sleeping, eating, playing, eating (whoops I already said that!)
Social Skills I am a good listener and thinker, and well behaved (most of the time). I can count to two, tell a good story and write poetry. I am able to sit quietly waiting for my mum.I am obstinate and can refuse to do something if it is not in my best interests. I will continue to do a job, just like gnawing at a bone, until there is nothing left to do.
Special Skills I am fairly famous for my tricks –  I can roll over, stop, come, go through and over, choose which hand a treat is in, find, hop, stay, shake hands, wave goodbye, say hello, roll over for a tummy rub, yell at mum to take me for a walk, beg for more food, dance and spin, throw a tantrum just like a two year old, and say yes and no.
Weak Points I am not able to read or spell. I tend to be PREOCCUPIED with food and sleeping. Some people say that I am a bit spoiled.


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

Please add to the fun by leaving a comment, Thanks, KoKo

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