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See Subi on Sunday

See Subi on Sunday

Today in the pleasant sunshine, twenty Subiaco residents followed Marian around the streets of Subiaco learning about the heritage of our suburb. She knows lots about the monks from New Norcia and the original tent city that was Subiaco. Maybe you might like to join us next time. Just look in the Subiaco News to find out when the next walk is.

I was not the only dog there today as Jai was with his dad.


We were both very quiet and well behaved. As usual I got lots of pats and eveyone said “Oh he is Soooo Cute!” It is no wonder I am such an egotist.



The City of Subiaco is sneaky about where it puts art. You need to look in little lanes and car parks.



Shane Picket painted these banners for Rokeby Rd. I like the animals and the bright colours.

Shane Picket Banners copy



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Koko’s Dog Philosophy

I often meditate and contemplate life as I lay around at home. I wonder about all sorts of things.

  • What exciting adventures might tomorrow bring?
  • Will there be a new mate to meet or new parks to explore?
  • Will we go on a long trek to the beach?
  • If I dream enough positive thoughts, will Mum bring me home a nice juicy steak?

My tummy starts rumbling as my brain cells imagine the wonderful meaty odour of a BBQ steak. But maybe I think, I am being a bit optimistic? I guess a BBQ sausage would do.


Now where was I? It is amazing how the thought of food distracts me.

Oh yes. If I think about the world’s problems I feel so tense I just put my head in the sand and try to forget life for a while.

Headinsand 11mths

Other times I hang out with my friend ducky on the mat or fall asleep with my Mr. Rabbit on mum’s bed (Please don’t tell mum that…… It is a secret!).

 KokomoodsleepyLKokoHangingoutMr Rabbit

After the nap I feel my batteries recharged and I am ready for a vigorous play. I bounce up and down on mum’s bed and throw her pillowS around. When my very sharp ears hear her footsteps approaching, I lay back down and pretend to be asleep! I am hoping that she does not notice the mess.

“KOKO! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TOO?” I sigh, it was silly of me to be hopeful, but as usual I put my brain cells quickly into gear and come up with a strategy. I jump up smiling with a happy glow in my big brown eyes. I am sending her a message – “Mum I love you so much” Mum melts and says “I love you too KoKo, even if you are a bit naughty sometimes. Phew …..I got away with it again. I smile sneakily to myself.

As you know I sleep in my little cozy bed on the end of mum’s big bed. Some days as the sun’s warmth hits my furry coat I roll over quietly, pad across Mum’s body and drop silently to the carpet. I creep out through my dog door into the yard, roll over the soft dewy grass and enjoy the early morning bird songs. Refreshed and alive I pad softly back to the bedroom. One energetic little leap and I am back curled up in my warm bed satisfied and happy at my secret adventure.