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Koko’s Dog Philosophy

I often meditate and contemplate life as I lay around at home. I wonder about all sorts of things.

  • What exciting adventures might tomorrow bring?
  • Will there be a new mate to meet or new parks to explore?
  • Will we go on a long trek to the beach?
  • If I dream enough positive thoughts, will Mum bring me home a nice juicy steak?

My tummy starts rumbling as my brain cells imagine the wonderful meaty odour of a BBQ steak. But maybe I think, I am being a bit optimistic? I guess a BBQ sausage would do.


Now where was I? It is amazing how the thought of food distracts me.

Oh yes. If I think about the world’s problems I feel so tense I just put my head in the sand and try to forget life for a while.

Headinsand 11mths

Other times I hang out with my friend ducky on the mat or fall asleep with my Mr. Rabbit on mum’s bed (Please don’t tell mum that…… It is a secret!).

 KokomoodsleepyLKokoHangingoutMr Rabbit

After the nap I feel my batteries recharged and I am ready for a vigorous play. I bounce up and down on mum’s bed and throw her pillowS around. When my very sharp ears hear her footsteps approaching, I lay back down and pretend to be asleep! I am hoping that she does not notice the mess.

“KOKO! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TOO?” I sigh, it was silly of me to be hopeful, but as usual I put my brain cells quickly into gear and come up with a strategy. I jump up smiling with a happy glow in my big brown eyes. I am sending her a message – “Mum I love you so much” Mum melts and says “I love you too KoKo, even if you are a bit naughty sometimes. Phew …..I got away with it again. I smile sneakily to myself.

As you know I sleep in my little cozy bed on the end of mum’s big bed. Some days as the sun’s warmth hits my furry coat I roll over quietly, pad across Mum’s body and drop silently to the carpet. I creep out through my dog door into the yard, roll over the soft dewy grass and enjoy the early morning bird songs. Refreshed and alive I pad softly back to the bedroom. One energetic little leap and I am back curled up in my warm bed satisfied and happy at my secret adventure.


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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