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The Post Subiaco Dog Reporter

My Job Interview for the position of Subiaco Dog Reporter April 1st 2013

Q. KoKo please tell us about your contribution to the Subiaco Community

I have several jobs with the City of Subiaco. The first one is “Subiaco Motivator” I get up very early on Monday mornings to bark at the rubbish truck staff. I have to tell them that I appreciate their fast and quiet work as they tidy our street. I tell them “Woof, Woof – Thank you, you do a great job.” Of course the other advantage of getting up early is that I can enjoy the wonderful stinky odours that come from the truck!

As a “Community Networker” I say hello to people who live alone. They often sit in the park on their way back from shopping in Rokeby Rd. Others wait outside Dr O’Neil’s Clinic in Townshend Road or on the steps of New Start In Barker Road. If they are sad I cheer them up. Sometimes I even kiss them and they laugh.


I am also always available for the The Big Issue Sellers in Subiaco to give me a pat.

KoKo David LKokoBigIssuePeople

And finally as “A Subiaco Community Ambassador “ I welcome new dogs and let them know where the best parks and water fountains are. I also greet new people at the park. They are from Poland, China, Japan, France, Ireland , Holland, Italy and Belgium. Some are even from Sydney or Queensland! This is a photo of Faye from Perth, Nada from Poland and Emris from Belgium.

Q. Have you won any awards?

The City of Subiaco has given me several “Certificates of Participation”. The first one was for photography. We entered this photo of me reading my book “Spot The Dog” to the kids into the “Subiaco Fun Places to Read” Competition in 2012.








Then in 2011 Mum entered our book “I am a Subi Dog – Tales of a Dog’s Life in Subiaco” into the Subiaco History Awards. We thought others might like to read our tale. Mayor Henderson and the examiners thought it was funny to have an entry from a dog. I was given another “Certificate of Participation”.  My book is now in the library.

Q. Please give an example of your thinking skills

The following tale demonstrates my quick thinking in an emergency.

One rainy night I was getting edgy for my walk. When the rain stopped, mum and I ran out the gate. I veered right, so did mum. Suddenly I thought, “No, I think we should go left”. I speedily changed direction. My mum was a bit slow to notice. Suddenly I heard “Oh No!” then “Crack” and “Splat”. Mum had fallen over me and broken her nose!

She was lying on the wet path in the dark looking up expectantly at me. I thought “I am only a little dog …. What can I do?”  But as you know I am INTELLIGENT so I thought for a little while then padded across to the kerb and sat under the street light. It worked. A woman stopped her car and got out to help. I think that was a very clever and helpful thing to do.

Q. Do you have  any special requirements if we employ you?

The office must be walking distance from my home and close to a coffee shop as I need at least three Puppicino breaks per day and a hundred pats a day. It will also be in your best interest to provide BBQ sausages for my lunch as I may growl and snap at your customers if you don’t. And finally, please supply a comfy mat for my little stress reducing naps.

Q. How you will benefit our company?

Your staff will be much happier (research proves that dogs cheers people up). Their fitness will improve from walking me to the coffee shop. As a bonus I am an expert fire alarm dog and will also bark at burglars.

Q. Please tell us about your past work experience

You probably think that I have a lazy life just lying around all day. So it may surprise you to learn, that as a responsible Subiaco dog, I have many jobs to do in the community.

1. I am the official City of Subiaco “Park Cleaner Upper” – I eat all the left overs in the park after the kids have had a party. I find bits of biscuits or small chunks of chocolate cake. If I am lucky I find a bit of sausage with tomato sauce! Yumm Yumm!

2. I am a member of “Subiaco Neighbourhood Dog Watchers” – We look for “SUSPICIOUS  CHARACTERS” when we are out walking. One day Mum and I saw a man breaking into cars. We followed him into Park street. We were very careful that he did not see us! My job was to remember what colour shoes he was wearing (as my eyes are close to the ground). When the police caught him they said, “You are a clever dog Koko”. I smiled shyly. I already knew that.

3. A more recent job I have taken on is as a “Subiaco Dog Probation Officer” . I visit local dogs who are in jail. I think it is because they have been naughty. Sadly I cannot see the ones in high security concrete jails. I have decided to join Amnesty Canine International to see if I can help release them.






Q. KoKo, do you do any other volunteer work?

1. Christmas day volunteer

Last year Mum and I went to the Subiaco Church Christmas lunch. I wore my Christmas decorations so I got lots of smiles and pats. My body was so excited seeing all the ham and chicken and turkey that I jumped up and down like I was on a trampoline. Mayor Heather Henderson organised everyone. She does good things for our community. As you can see I was very tired that night.

Kokoxmas 272


2. Animal Companion Member

You already know that I am a clever dog with several awards to prove it. In 2011 my mum and I attended an Animal Companions’ Seminar to learn how dogs can help the community. But before we could become members I  had to pass a practical test.

When I saw all the examiners I was a bit shaky and felt my blood run from my face right down to my little feet. The examiners said “KoKo please get onto this person’s lap and take a treat”. I was surprised they thought that any dog would refuse. I leapt up and greedily grabbed the treat. A tick was placed against my name.

The second task was to walk around the room ignoring the other dogs. Mum whispered to me “Pretend you have a blind fold on”. So I did not even glance at the other dogs. “Very Good Koko” I heard. A second tick was placed against my name.

Then lots of people started YELLING and STAMPING their crutches and walking sticks. I looked up puzzled. To my surprise the examiner said “100% correct KoKo!”  A third tick was placed against my name. I had passed! They gave me a little blue coat with “Animal Companion” on it. Now I visit people in nursing homes and hospitals. Mum is proud of me.

This is the group at the Animal Companions 10th Anniversary 2012. Guess who is trying to be the centre of attention?



Q. If we employ you how much do you expect us to pay you?

My wage would need to be just enough to buy the best quality GinGin Beef and Organic Pork from the markets. My mum already pays for my vet visits, vaccinations, grooming, new leads and winter coats, my toys, petrol for trips to the big parks, a new dog blanket and mat when I feel they need updating, and of course holidays in Mandurah with my friends Bro and Bonnie.

Q. Please tell us about your hobbies

I also spend time playing during the day. When mum is not at home I have to make my own fun playing pretend.

KokoMrCool  KokoMrSpookyKokoMrRude2

I look forward to joining your superb staff very soon,

KoKo Harry Potter


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

Please add to the fun by leaving a comment, Thanks, KoKo

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