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A new puppy for my human mate Steve!

jack Photo by Steve Crocker










Koko “As you know, I am usually very talkative, but I have decided I will let Jack introduce himself to you”.

“My name is Jack. I am a Tenterfield Terrier. I have just left my doggie mum and dad and moved in with my new human dad in Nedlands. His name is Steve.

I am looking forward to having lots of fun in the park with Steve.  I hear that he is a great photographer and that I will probably have more photos taken of me than any other dog in Perth. KoKo has suggested that I might even charge an appearance fee! Probably two sausages per photo seems reasonable I think.

Steve, so far you have provided me with great food and a comfy sleeping bed. I thank you for taking me into your home and for cuddling me in the night when I felt lonely.

However, there is one little thing I would like to bring to your attention.You do not know me very well yet but I am actually very shy. So please next time would you be so kind as to not show my personal private parts to the world?

Thank you

Your new friend Jack


KoKo thinks it is a beautiful photo of me but he is very worried that I will become the next “Sooooo… Cute dog and take his place.” Maybe we can both be “So Cute?”