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Sorry, this is a blog about politics. I am very annoyed by what I hear……

I am most upset that the Premier of Perth is going to make my wonderful little community of the City of Subiaco into a massive spread out AMALGAMATION.

At the moment I know the Mayor Heather Henderson, the rangers, and the gardeners and workers who have lunch at my park. There are lots of functions at the library, concerts in the parks and walks i can go on to look at art. The CIty of Subiaco knows why I live in this suburb and is caring of our needs. We will lose this in a big Council..

Mum tells me that there is no financial reason for this change. Interstate and International experience shows there will be no money saved. I worry too about the ENVIRONMENTAL impact of having to change all the workers uniforms, the trucks and vans, and all the stationery.

I know my mum can now go directly to the council if there is a problem with one of my parks or with traffic.
AMALGAMATION means our voices will be lost and big real estate people might pinch all my sunshine and parks to build high-rise skyscrapers.

So if you read this blog and live nearby please speak out. Us dogs will spread the word in our Weemails.

Thank you

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I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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