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RD Park Kids Parties

Koko up close copy


It was a beautiful sunny day today so I spent some time just sitting in the park relaxing. The neighbourhood girls were there too so I got lots of pats as usual. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by a chirpy mass of nine-year old girls who were having a birthday party. They were all dressed up like the Mad Hatter’s characters and had funny painted faces.They were having fun.

Of course what I was really more interested in was their sausage rolls and little juicy meat pies!

Unfortunately I discovered that nine-year old girls are not as messy as three-year olds are when they are having a party so there was little for me to find to eat. Mum did ask if she could have just one sausage roll so that I could do my tricks for the girls. I got lots of pats afterwards. I was very popular!

Just as they were leaving the park this fancy car turned up. It had a very musical horn.

Car Smart copy