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Friday Dog Play at Subi Common

Subi Common copy

It started off as a sunny Friday evening with lots of us small dogs frolicking around, when down came a sudden rain storm. Everyone rushed under the big tree to hide from the rain.

What’s this? A doggie head count reveals someone is missing.

Now which dog would be silly enough to leave the main dog park and go searching for adventure just when the clouds are growing black and threatening?

Was it Rolly or Maggie? Hugo or Chopin? Maybe it was Moby?

Rolly SubiDog copy Maggie SubiDog copy Hugo SubiDog copy







Chopin SubiDog copy

Moby SubiDog copy

No, It was me of course. With just seconds to spare before my mum gets really annoyed and has to come looking for me, I dash across the park, all wet and soggy wearing my favourite perfume. As I join the crowd I notice all the humans are moving away from me. Don’t they like my dog poo perfume?

That leads me to another thought. Maybe I should do a survey of my dog mates.


I would like to hear your opinions on what you think the best doggie perfume is?

  1. Which perfume do you like to roll in at the park?
  • a) Duck poo
  • b) Swan poo
  • c) algae in the waterway
  • d) dead rat

  1. What does it cost you?
  • a) A BATH!
    b) Loss of treats
    c) Sent to sleep outside
    d) Other …..
  1. Do you parents like it?
  • a) Yes
  • b) No

Please send your answers to me here

Thank you Woofs to all

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