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My Last Eagles Football Post

It’s been a fun year for me but a bit of a sad one for the West Coast Eagles. All the Blue and gold dressed fans passing my house on Footy days were cheerful and hopeful. But later on in the day when they trudged back to their cars they all looked a bit disappointed. I hope that next year the Eagles players are more energetic. I look forward to wearing blue and gold for the footy finals in 2014.

These boys were raising money for the Cancer Foundation. Of course I gave them my support!


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Fun at RD Park


As it was a lovely sunny Saturday I asked mum to take me to my favourite Subiaco park – Richard Diggins Park in Park St. My neighbours Archie and Emily were there and they helped me play with my new purple Freo Dockers monster toy.

Then some new kids turned up. There was Sally and her children Datsy and Rely from South Korea, which is a very very long way from Australia. The girls patted and stroked me and giggled with joy. I hope I meet them in the park again.

Image Image

We also met Celine and her Dad, and her brother Timur who was kicking a football around and pretending to be a Freo Docker.

Image Image

After I had done my social bit I ran around the park burning up some energy. Why you might ask? Well the girls who live on the corner of Park St had baked some muffins to raise money for the Cat Haven. The cakes had  purple icing and smarties on them. Mum, being her usual stingy self when it comes to my treats, meant to give me just a little bit but she accidently dropped the muffin. Before she could even say ” Oh No!” i had gobbled it all up! It was yummy.