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Koko Kelpie (Red Dog)

When My Mum is at her work and I have lots of time to contemplate, I slip into my KoKo ShakesPaw invisible coat and think about a poem I could write. At times ideas flood over me like water over the edge of a dam on a rainy day. Other days my mind stays empty of inspiration just like a desert waiting for a sprig of grass to grow.

I was inspired by seeing the film Red Dog (about my neighbour Koko The Kelpie) to write this next poem. I have just changed the words a bit. It might be what humans call plagiarism but I call it dogerism.

At the Pearly Gates

(Inspired by a RED DOG Poem)

I stood at the gates of heaven

Making a fearful din.

“I know my Mum is in there” I said

“So you’d better let me in.”

For years I’ve roamed Subiaco

From Rokeby Road to Townshend.

Now that I have traced her to your gate

“You’d better let me in.”

I’ve made friends with people who fed me

and those who took me into their home

to keep my little tummy full

and ensure I was not alone.

I think I’m done with walking.

I am tired and need a rest.

I want my Mum to pat me

in the haven of heaven would be best.

I was the best known celebrity dog called KoKo in Subiaco until 2011. Then Koko the Kelpie (RED DOG) moved in to Park Street. Koko was my first Facebook friend. I wish I had asked for his pawgraph. Koko thought he was a bigger celebrity than me just because millions of people have seen his film and he has won lots of awards for his acting. I actually loved his film, especially the fight scene with the cat. Wow! That was exciting! One day I will be famous too.

Sadly KoKo Kelpie died last year at the age of only seven.





                                    Koko ShakesPaw


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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