Mental As Week – Janine’s Black Dog Tale

I would like to share a tale about the Black Dog that was written by mum’s friend Janine. It is a lovely sensitive tale.

Black Dog By Harvey Manifold

Black Dog By Harvey Manifold


The Black Dog Story

“It all began with a black dog that was different.

Rejected for his difference he sought refuge in a dark place.

In time he realised there were others hiding in the shadows.

He gained strength in listening to their souls crying,

and barked aloud, telling his story too.

He kept digging for what they had lost

and hope grew like new buds on a bush.

He claimed a space in the world

for those who were spinning in space

and shared his love with them.”

The Black Dog Project's Black dog was sketched by Harley Manifold and the story written by Janine Brown (Reproduced with permission)
If you feel a bit down, seek out a doggie at your local park. There are nearly 2000 dogs in Subiaco waiting to share a cuddle.

Seek further information at the Web sites:

  • Act Belong Commit, 
  • The Black Dog Institute, 
  • Beyond Blue

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