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Subiaco “Walk Over October”









Yet another opportunity for self promotion presented itself to me. It was the “Walk Over October” energetic stroll around Subiaco. I love participating in community events.

On our way to Lord’s Sports centre for the walk  we stopped for a Puppicino at the new Rokeby Rd cafe called 1982. The cafe did not have a dog bowl outside so I asked very politely for a little cool drink. The owner bought me out a special cup of water just for me. That’s good service. I will have to make mum stop there again. (The coffee was pretty tasty too.)

We were asked to wear red for the Heart Foundation so you can see that I complied! I was pretending to be a Firedog. Of course everyone thought I was “Sooo…cute. My coat and hat were a little bit hot so I discarded them as soon as the photo opportunity was over.

We were meant to walk four kilometres, but even with the hope of good food treats at the end I could not finish.

I am sad to say my little paws were being burnt by the hot pavement. We had to take a short cut home. I hope that next year they have the walk a little earlier in the day so it is not so warm.

Mum told me later that I had missed out on banana cake and free coffee. Boy was I annoyed with her! I’m sure, due to my absence, she was able to have triple serves of cake.

Before I forget, I must tell you that my mum won a City of Subiaco prize for walking to work in September. Our photo was on an email with the other winners Mark Elliott and Jessie White and Ray White.

Helen Koko Prize







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