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Wanneroo Dog Breakfast – KoKo’s Win.

 KoKo Entrant

We had an exciting day today. Mum decided we would go to Wanneroo to check out their Dog Breakfast.

All the way up the freeway my little brain cells were sending tingling messages to my taste buds. I hoped that BBQ sausages were waiting for me.

 Second Prize First Prize Third Prize

Just as we arrived the organisers were closing the Dog Talent Competition List. Mum and I had a quick consultation and we decided we would have fun showing off my tricks. We thought some of the bigger dogs might have been practising but we had nothing to lose. We were allocated No 15 at the tail end of the queue (I hope you did not miss my little joke!).

Surprisingly I was not nervous. I knew mum had some tasty treats in her pocket and, as you know, I never miss out on food.

When it was my turn I did a quick dance then chose which of mum’s hand held a treat. As I showed the judges how I could I go under and over mum’s legs, they clapped lots.

KoKo Over Under

Afterwards we sat quietly in the shade to hear the results. It was my first ever stage performance. A less confident dog may have been expecting the wooden spoon prize, but a silly dog who ignored every one of his owners commands won it.

The judges read out the name of the dog for third place, then named me as SECOND PRIZE WINNER! Wow I thought “I am sooo.. clever” Then a different thought entered my little brain – Maybe Mum, my trainer, deserved some praise too.  So I gave her a slippery kiss on her ear.

After posing for a photo I unwrapped my prize to find some wearable and edible goodies.

There were lots of stalls with give aways and free health checks. This local Vet gave me a cuddle and checked my teeth – I passed with flying colours! His teeth look pretty good too.

KoKo Vet Waneroo


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