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“Agile Subiaco Dogs” at Shenton Park Dog Refuge

When dogs are abandoned, or their parent has to move a long way away, the Shenton Park Dog Refuge takes the dogs into care. Sometimes they get forty new dogs in the one week!

The staff and volunteers there need donations of food to help feed over 120 dogs. If your mum or dad has some spare dog food, they could also drop it in the basket at Farmer Jacks. Then the dogs won’t go hungry.

At the Open Day on November 3rd there were book sales, dog agility training courses and instructors teaching people how to get their dog to behave. The people visiting the Refuge raised $18,000! That is very helpful for the Homes’ Budget. Dogs cost a lot in food and care when they are ill.

Some doggies were excellent jumpers ……. While others weaved themselves around the poles.

This fluffy white dog found the climb down a bit of a challenge. “Whoops a daisy” – This is not as easy as it looks!

Others took the easy way under the bridge. Of course all the doggies were rewarded with a big pig’s ear snack.


Thank you to the organisers of the Shenton Park Refuge Open Day, and to the many volunteers who helped out.