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Save Subiaco Station Street Markets!

This is me signing the petition to keep the markets.
This is me signing the petition to keep the markets.

I realise that the Subi Markets have to move but I hope the City of Subiaco  can find another home for them.
The markets are very important to lots of people (and me, – even though I am a dog).

Life has its routines which suits my needs well. Every Sunday I pad alongside my human Mum down to the markets (via Cafe Cafe for a Puppicino first).

When We arrive at the Markets I race into the entrance and head straight to Val’s Hat and Craft Stall. This is where I will wait for my Mum while she buys her veges and nuts. Val is very clever. She made me my Eagles Coat which I wear on Footy days. She also knits lots of crafty things.

After my Mum has left, Val sprints over to the ice-cream stall and gets me a little cup of vanilla ice-cream. When the milk stall was there she would pour me a lovely cup of creamy milk. I like Val. She is a good dog sitter.

When my Mum returns she wonders why I have a happy grin on my face. Then she laughs when she sees the ice-cream on my whiskers!

I will miss these Sunday outings when the markets close. I hope someone can find another home for them. Where else can I get my free ice-cream?

Val from Val's Craft Stall
Val from Val’s Craft Stall