Doggie Halloween at Subi Centro Dog Park

We had a surprise tonight when Jan and her friends brought along some “dress up” clothes for us as it was Halloween. Here I am looking very smart in a wizard hat. I think purple suits me. Some of my other doggie mates dressed in orange.

KoKo Halloween

KoKo Halloween


Centro Halloween Dogs

Centro Halloween Dogs












As usual the younger dogs chased each other and rolled over, having “Play Fights” I did my bit yelling at them to keep at it.

Play Fight

Play Fight

KoKo Shouting

KoKo Shouting

North Cott Dog Beach

What’s this?

A plot to remove the Vera St dog beach from the map?

Thank you to all the doggie owners who turned up at the council to protest.

This beach not only keeps hundreds of doggies healthy and happy but also their humans. I am delighted that it has been saved.

KoKo City Beach LKokoBeachDrink

KoKo Beach

KoKo at North Cottesloe Beach










What else would my Mum and I do on the three days each week I have my freedom to run and dig and socialise?

PS I note the neighbours have complained about some human’s poor hygiene so ask everyone please to pick up their doggies poo and put it in the bin (the poo not your dog!)

Dog Waste Bin cartoon

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Dog sitting atop a doggy waste bin

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KoKo ‘s visit to Douglas Kirsop Exhibition

Hi all,

I had a lovely evening being carried by my Mum at Linton and Kaye art Gallery. Lots of people patted me.

We were looking at Douglas Kirsop’s beautiful paintings from the Kimberly and Kakadu.

We looked for crocodiles but could not see anything. Mum said they were hiding under the water.

While Mum sipped her wine and chatter to people I distracted everyone. Mum told them I was the Subiaco Art Critic.

Lots more people talked to me than Mum. Ha Ha – I am just soooo… cute! KoKo

Yellow Waters From Douglas Kirsop Website


Mental As Week – KoKo’s Black Dog Poetry

Every year in Australia about a million adults, and a hundred thousand young people, live with depression. Allow your friends, colleagues and family to talk about their darkness so that they can see that you care.

My Mum helped me write  these poems (or should I say Doggeral?) for humans who might be feeling a bit pressured by the Black Dog.


Poem 1 – Black Dog 1 – by KoKo ShakesPaw 

Black dog, Black dog
You give me a fright
Creeping into my sleep fog
Disrupting my calm night
You yap at my ankles
And nip at my heels
You run tightly around me
Not caring how I feel
I hear your deep growl
And your  too familiar yelp
And I know that once again
I need someone’s help
 Why do you keep returning
Causing me such deep pain?
Do you know the sadness you bring
When you suffocate me again?

You stop me from being
Who I know I can be
You stop me from enjoying
The peace and joy that is me
Black dog! Black dog!
You ‘re an awful hound
I wish for you there was
A ranger and a pound!
Poem 2 – Black Dog 2 – by KoKo ShakesPaw
My role as mum’s carer
Is to keep her warm
With my happy smile around her
  She can weather any storm  
Poem 3 – Black Dog 3 – by KoKo ShakesPaw
I like dogs now
But there is one
I wish would go away
Because he blocks my sun
The big Black Dog plans to stay
He doesn’t care if I’m sad
He makes me feel
That I’m going mad
He nips at my heart
And bites at my soul
When he is around
I cannot be whole
Oh, I wish the big Black Dog
Would find another home
or get lost in the fog
And leave me alone


Mental As Week – Another Black Dog Tale

I would like to share a tale about the Black Dog that my mum’s friend Janine wrote. It is a lovely sensitive tale.

Black Dog By Harvey Manifold

Black Dog By Harvey Manifold


The Black Dog Story

“It all began with a black dog that was different.

Rejected for his difference he sought refuge in a dark place.

In time he realised there were others hiding in the shadows.

He gained strength in listening to their souls crying,

and barked aloud, telling his story too.

He kept digging for what they had lost

and hope grew like new buds on a bush.

He claimed a space in the world

for those who were spinning in space

and shared his love with them.”

The Black Dog Project's Black dog was sketched by Harley Manifold and the story written by Janine Brown (Reproduced with permission)
If you feel a bit down, seek out a doggie at your local park. There are nearly 2000 dogs in Subiaco waiting to share a cuddle.

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Australia’s Mental As Week; KoKo’s Black Dog Tail

I used to  think that the term “Black Dog” was a strange way to describe a feeling. It gave my black dog friends a bad name. But now that I am older and have seen my human Mum battle depression, I realise it is a good term

Black Dog

A Real Black Dog

Winston Churchill first called depression “The black dog”. He explained that just as faithful dogs always follow humans around, so also does depression. It appears out of the blue and bite like a nasty dog, for no real reason.

No matter how much a person tries to run away, deny the problem or move to another country, depression stays with them. At times it hides and the person thinks they are OK, but then they find it nipping at their heels again. Occasionally Mum thinks that the black dog has left her for a new home, but then she hears him he battering at the back door again. He is a persistent fellow.

My Mum has told me some of what she feels, and of course I can see her sad face. At times I can see the big black dog’s shadow swamping Mum’s happy feelings. I can sense she feels weighed down. On the very bad days the Black Dog even tries to suffocate her and she cannot get out of bed.

Eight years ago, when Mum decided to take me into her home, she had no idea that I would become such a vital part of her life. She depends on me for love, loyalty and laughter.




My Antidepressant Role

On Mum’s bad days I have to take action. I stand on my little back feet and reach up to tap her firmly with my front paw.

She hides her head under the pillow. “Go away KoKo” she grumbles “There is a BIG BLACK DOG under the bed. I feel scared.”

I know I must not let her stay in bed: I have to be fed and taken to the park for a play!

I puzzle about what I can do. My little brain tells me to be practical so I drop to the floor and crawl under the bed.

“Mum listen to me” I growl, when I finally reappear with my fur a little dusty.

“Mum all I see are a few tiny spiders and the black sock you were looking for last week. There is no black dog under the bed. Please get up.”

My soft reassurance does not help. She is still hiding under the blankets.

I bark loudly…..WOOF WOOF WOOOOOOF! “You have to get up NOW”.  She sighs and makes herself smaller under the doona.

It is now time for my ultimate “never fail” technique.

I jump up on the bed and lick Mum’s toes with my pink tongue.  Mum finds it very hard not to giggle and finally has to get out of bed to stop me.

I am very clever to beat that Black Dog for just a little while.

KoKo - The Antidepressant Remedy

KoKo – The Antidepressant Remedy












Here is a poem I wrote (I use my pseudonym KoKo ShakesPaw as i am not a very good poet!)


A Black Dog Remedy

by KoKo ShakesPaw

I am my Mum’s carer

and her clown

I give her comfort

when she is down

I don’t ask her why

she feels half dead

I just sit by her side

on her bed.


If you need some human help with sad thoughts, please contact: or