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My Photo Shoot

Hi all

At last my Mum has recognised my need, as a celebrity Subiaco dog, to have a formal photo shoot. It happened last week at Image Portrait Studio in Northbridge.

I was A STAR for a whole sixty minutes, posing calmly, between patches of over excitement, as the photographer directed me to do what he wanted. “Move over here KoKo, lie this way, move closer to the light, sit up here please”

While it was fun to be the centre of attention (as I deserved of course) I finally got a bit bored and started yelling at Mum to open the door so we could go and get a Puppicino.

This is the photo that Mum likes best ………….. I look so happy and angelic! My naughty cheeky side is hidden. What do you think?

KoKo's Portrait Photo
Me on my best behaviour