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KoKo’s Black Dog Poetry

Every year in Australia about a million adults, and a hundred thousand young people, live with depression. Allow your friends, colleagues and family to talk about their darkness so that they can see that you care.

My Mum helped me write  these poems (or should I say Doggeral?) for humans who might be feeling a bit pressured by the Black Dog.


Poem 1 – Black Dog 1 – by KoKo ShakesPaw 

Black dog, Black dog
You give me a fright
Creeping into my sleep fog
Disrupting my calm night
You yap at my ankles
And nip at my heels
You run tightly around me
Not caring how I feel
I hear your deep growl
And your  too familiar yelp
And I know that once again
I need someone’s help
 Why do you keep returning
Causing me such deep pain?
Do you know the sadness you bring
When you suffocate me again?

You stop me from being
Who I know I can be
You stop me from enjoying
The peace and joy that is me
Black dog! Black dog!
You ‘re an awful hound
I wish for you there was
A ranger and a pound!
Poem 2 – Black Dog 2 – by KoKo ShakesPaw
My role as mum’s carer
Is to keep her warm
With my happy smile around her
  She can weather any storm  
Poem 3 – Black Dog 3 – by KoKo ShakesPaw
I like dogs now
But there is one
I wish would go away
Because he blocks my sun
The big Black Dog plans to stay
He doesn’t care if I’m sad
He makes me feel
That I’m going mad
He nips at my heart
And bites at my soul
When he is around
I cannot be whole
Oh, I wish the big Black Dog
Would find another home
or get lost in the fog
And leave me alone


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Mental As Week – Another Black Dog Tale

I would like to share a tale about the Black Dog that my mum’s friend Janine wrote. It is a lovely sensitive tale.

Black Dog By Harvey Manifold
Black Dog By Harvey Manifold


The Black Dog Story

“It all began with a black dog that was different.

Rejected for his difference he sought refuge in a dark place.

In time he realised there were others hiding in the shadows.

He gained strength in listening to their souls crying,

and barked aloud, telling his story too.

He kept digging for what they had lost

and hope grew like new buds on a bush.

He claimed a space in the world

for those who were spinning in space

and shared his love with them.”

The Black Dog Project's Black dog was sketched by Harley Manifold and the story written by Janine Brown (Reproduced with permission)
If you feel a bit down, seek out a doggie at your local park. There are nearly 2000 dogs in Subiaco waiting to share a cuddle.

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