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Why do so many doggies like Subiaco Common Dog Park?

Playing Subi Common

Dog Chase Subi Common

Dogs Playing

Dogs Meeting

Friday Night Socialising 2

Dog Play Subi Common

Friday Night Socialising 2

Visiting Subiaco Common is a very social event. Around 4pm on Fridays Mum and I drop in for me to run around and have a play. The park is circular with no cars nearby.


This is very important as young doggies (and naughty ones like me) sometimes escape and run away from the group. We are mostly little dogs as the big doggies use Cliff Sadlier park where they have further to run.

As soon as we arrive I race to say hello to the doggies I know, and introduce myself to all the new little puppies too.


I used to love tumbling and play fighting with other dogs but now that I am eight years old, I prefer to just watch the younger generation being silly and chasing each other.

If I feel a bit bored I look to check if my Mum is chatting to other dog parents. If she is I take off!

I race up the stairs then along the garden edge at an unimaginable speed. I hear a human yelling “Stop KoKo” but I think no, I am on my adventure and I am enjoying myself. I will not stop running until my little legs tire and I can’t breathe anymore.

But luck is not with me. I spy two humans ahead walking to the park with their dogs. They see me running around on my own so they know I have escaped. As you know, I love food, so when they offer me a treat I walk straight into their trap. They catch me and Mum has a chance to collar me and carries me back to the park.

Play Fighting

Play Fighting

Subi Centro KoKo Mates










Subiaco Common is very important for the local humans and dogs to exercise and socialise.

Thank you to the City of Subiaco staff who look after it.