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Animal Companions Dog Picnic

KoKo dance
KoKo Dancing at Animal Companions Christmas Picnic

Here is a photo of me dancing at the Animal Companions Christmas party last week. There were 40 new dog mates to greet and meet and I found a table full of yummy ham rolls and salad.

How did i know they were yummy? (Here is where I start to blush). Well, I was actually a bit naughty.

I thought – “Everyone has stopped eating now, the food will only go to waste.” But how could I reach them?”

As you know I am a Maltese Shih Tsu so I’m a little height impaired.

“Tick, tick , tick, went my little brain cells (the smell of meat is a good neuro driver). I looked around for one of my new friends – a very tall retriever caught my eye. We had a brief chat and made a bargain. He had no trouble leaping up, grabbing the plate and chucking ham rolls everywhere.

I must say  though, I had to eat very very fast because he was a real gobbled gook!

Woofs from KoKo


I’m a puppicino drinking talkative dog blogger who is writing a book. “KoKo’s Tales - a Dog’s Life in Subiaco”

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