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A Visit to Mabel Talbot Park Jolimont

The water is draining away so Mabel Park Lake is looking a bit squishy. The water birds are still gathered on a mud bank while the ducks slide in on landing. When we look up to see what the squawking is about, we see big flocks of white cockatoos.

My human Mum and I then spied a curly brown doggie who was chasing a frisbee. You can see how clever she is. Lola ran and jumped and caught and then, sometimes, returned to her human dad for a replay.

Frisbee Dog-MabelTalbotPark
Frisbee Dog-MabelTalbotPark




We also ran into my stout little bulldog mate Gus. We must captured a photo of him.

Frisbee Dog-MabelTalbotPark 2
Frisbee Dog-MabelTalbotPark 2


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