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Tips for noticing Arthritis in your dog early

We all grow old, or as I like to think of it,our bodies show the signs of our life experiences.

My Mum has helped me stay as healthy as I can, we exercise at least twice a day.

We are both amazed that my weight is the same as when i was one year old. Mum is generous with her treats but only lets me have small serves.

Of course I’m about a kilo heavier before I go to Wembley Vet for my fluffy hair cut!

Here are some tips on picking up early signs of arthritis in your dogs joints. Woofs from KoKo

Arthritis In Your Pet

Woofs from KoKo

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Clean, fluffy and smelling beautifully

A few weeks ago my Mum was invited to accept some bath care products for me to try. As you know, I love to roll in duck poo at Subiaco Common which makes my apricot coat very smelly. Some new shampoo seemed a good idea.

Yesterday a box turned up at our house. I  felt excited when Mum told me that it had my name (Mr KoKo Dog) on it. Mum let me rip it open.

I was initially disappointed at the lack of food smells but then Mum told me what it was. Four bottles of Underwater Dog Shampoo, conditioner, detangler and shine. We were both delighted.

My Prize - Underwater Dog Bath Care Products
My Prize – Underwater Dog Bath Care Products
Post bath Clean
Post bath Clean

So ………..this afternoon, after several plays in Richard Diggins Park with the kids, it was time for a bath.

Now that I am nine I still don’t like baths but I behave for Mum as I love feeling clean afterwards, and I know she will let me curl up on the couch with her when I smell nice.

Thank You Ralphie at Underwater Dog Company

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Food in Subiaco – Tommy Sugo’s Cafe

Guess what my Mum and I found on our evening Friday night walk around Subiaco? A new night cafe just three blocks from my home.

Why am I excited?


It has outside tables

They brought me out some clean cool water

The chef apparently cooks lovely healthy pastas (Mum wouldn’t let me try any as she said it would be too spicy for my little sensitive tummy.)

The staff are friendly

I was allowed to do my job as the official Subiaco cafe dog cleaner upper.

Now we get to the best bit – as I’d been so well behaved Mum gave me some of Tommy Sugo’s special gelato. It was the most creamy tasty gelato I have ever had. Wow, it was yummy!

I even got to lick out the cup! 😃

If you are looking for it, during the day the cafe is Stimulatte in Hay St,


Woofs from KoKo


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Please teach your kids to be gentle with me.


How Kids SHOULD Interact With Dogs - Lola The Pitty 'My Dog Bit My Child' - poster via Dr. Sophia Yin

I’m well known for my patience and gentleness with kids at the park but if you let your children pull my tail or grip me with both hands I might yell at you to let go.

I’m not being nasty I am just trying to say please be gentle.

Read the poster for more info on safe dog interaction,

Thank you KoKo (the friendliest dog in Subiaco!)

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Most Popular Australian Dog Names 2014

As many of you know, my human Mum has taken photos of about 600 dogs in our suburb of Subiaco Western Australia. She worked out that the most common names were Bella and Molly for girl dogs, and Max for a boy dog There was an enormous range of individual names that clever parents had made up.

When you decided to take care of a little puppy, or a give a refuge doggie a new permanent home, you need to think carefully about his or her name.The name needs to be easy to call, not too common and with not so many letters that it can’t fit on his or her collar. And, of course, it will be best if it means something to you.

My name KoKo has a personal complex tale behind it. As My mum was scared of dogs all her life, so she thought about what to call me for a long time. See and enter KoKo’s name in the Search Bar for more of my story.

The company BowWowMeow has just released the list of the top ten names for dogs for 2014. On reading it on IdPets Web site Mum found that she was right!

Bella hit the top spot for the most popular dog name in 2014 and Molly was third. Coco was also common. That is why when Mum introduces me she always says “I’d like you to meet KoKo. We spell this with a “K” because he is a boy dog.

Mum was right again with Max being the most popular boy’s name and Charlie second..There were also lots of Buddys, Oscars, Jacks, Archies and Harrys .

Thanks to ID Pet for providing the information – Personalised Pet products for dogs

Koko glamour boy
Koko glamour boy